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So, i herd you liek Mudkipz?
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31 years old
Neath,Bowels of South Wales
Born Sep-16-1990
Im Melvyn, well at least to my friends anyway, ive been playing guitar for 3 years self taught, but not made alot of progress, so i decided to turn to GMC for help! Im a drummer by nature, having finished my Grade 8 Drum exam, but have been playing guitar for a while and want to improve dramatically. Im into many kinds of music; Mainly Metal, particularly Progressive, Power and Symphonic Metal but im also a big fan of Guitar Virtuosos, Modern and New Orleans Jazz, Classical Music, Prog Rock and Indy Rock.

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Paul Reed Smith 2001 1st Generation Santana SE 1 (Black)
Line 6 30w Spider III Amp
Line 6 Floor Pod
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16 Feb 2008
While searching the Roland site after reading RTB's Cube 60 Review, i stumbled across this...

Its a Guitar Synth, it comes with a special pickup which you attach using Double Sided tape, it picks up each string seperately, kinda like 6 humbuckers in one.

Basically, its an effects module, but rather than adding an effect to your sound, it transforms your sound into something completely orchestra, choir, sitar, keyboard, piano, whatever you like!
It also has a midi input/output and a USB lead for home recording, so it seems like pretty good value for money,considering its between £200-300

Im quite intrigued by this, really want to try one out but none of the music shops in my area stock it, has anyone come across the GR-20?

Original Site:

Roland GR-20
12 Feb 2008
I need to get a new amp, and ive got between £100 - £200 ($200 - $400)
I dont really know that much about amplifiers, (solidstate, tube or whathaveyou) and so i need the help of my fellow GMC'ers

Im looking for an Amp for Metal, between 30 to 65 amps (though generally the more wattage for the money the better) also, i do have a FloorPod if that makes a difference.

A few models ive looked at are;
Line6 Spider 3 30
Crate FW65 or FW15R
Marshall MG30DFX

Whats my best option?
7 Feb 2008
Im not sure if theres a thread like this anywhere, i had a brief look but couldnt find anything

Im thinking about building my own guitar, not from scratch, but dont know how to go about it. I dont want to make the body or the neck, my plan is to buy each piece seperately, and then stick them together, but i dont know where to start.

Im thinking about getting a Les Paul body, or Explorer body and then working from there

Has anyone else done this, or have any useful suggestions?

When I get round to starting this project i'll keep GMC updated with my progress biggrin.gif
2 Feb 2008
Its my 18th birthday in September, and my girlfriend has said she wants to get me a guitar, but knows very little about guitars, my girlfriend doesnt earn that much so ~£300 is the limit atm

I must decide from the following:

a Dean Cadillac
a 12 String guitar
an Ovation guitar (an ovation 12 string guitar?)

Any recommendations?
1 Feb 2008
Hail GMC'ers!

Ive recently acquired a new computer, with Vista Ultimate loaded on it, ive tried doing some recordings using Cubase, but it seems i get some unwanted 'background' latency, and use of midi

Ie; when i use a 16 track Midi project, the midi track im using randomly lights up, and turns on and off (the midi signal) without any sound

What can i do to reduce/stop/prevent this?
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