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Trond Vold
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Guitars, Guitars, Guitars, Guitars, home-recording, collecting horrormovies and messing around on the computer.
....Did i mention Guitars?
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21 Aug 2010
I've recently been having some strange issues with the sound on my Schecter.
It's like a certain frequency-range has been eradicated and it's also lost ALOT of punch!

I have checked batteries and for potential loose wirings. Everything looks perfect, and it's annoying me like crazy.
I've put up a clip comparing my Jackson and the Schecter.

PS! The sound is a bit sharp perhaps, but i just selected a random preset i sometimes use and recorded.
Both guitars are recorded with identical settings and identical setup and no fx at all.

First round is played with the Jackson.
The volumedrop is the most noticable when it's time for the Schecter. But i also hear something else missing.

Am i just going nuts? Or does anyone else hear it too? In my ears, it used to sound alot more clearer and had more definition.
In short, the bridgepickup used to sound almost identical to the Jackson.

Attached File  Hyyl.mp3 ( 1.62MB ) Number of downloads: 551
21 Aug 2010
Not sure if this has been posted before, but thought this was quite fascinating to look at smile.gif ..and the tune is actually quite catchy smile.gif
20 Aug 2010
I'm on the hunt for a new amp, or actually a new pre-amp. I'm quite pleased with my poweramp and cab, but anyhuu..
Problem is that all the pre-amps i want cost a FORTUNE!

Then i came across the Engl E530 for around 480€ on thomann..
Reviews are good and soundclips sounds awesome, but do anyone here have any first-hand experience with one?

Was looking at the Engl E570, but 1200€ is a bit steep right now smile.gif

Not a big fan of the Engl website, but here's the productinfo they've got:
17 Aug 2010
Hi guys smile.gif

Just finished doing a remix of a track called "We are still here" by a youtuber called fahlo.

Here's the original:
And here's mine!
(Quite pleased with the arp's at the end! smile.gif

Doing a project like this was good for the inspiration. Was completely out of ideas but this has sparked some creativity again smile.gif
Hope you like it!
22 Jul 2010
Anyone else like/have heard Triptykon?
It's the "new" band of the mighty Tom G. Warrior from Celtic Frost and the first album is loaded with pure awesomeness for fans of doomy/trashy/deathy-metal smile.gif <-- This is probably one of my faves.
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Looking forward to your next lesson! :)
22 Jul 2010 - 21:09
Happy late birthday! Your birthday was the day i went to a concert. :) The year has flown by. I remember when your age was exactly what your intro video said. :) That was back when i first found GMC! :D
7 May 2010 - 0:11
You are my guitar hero!
25 Mar 2010 - 23:58
Gratulerer med vel overstått, Trond ! Eg glemte å skriva te deg i går ! Ska du på Viking-kampen ?! :D
3 May 2009 - 12:57
Happy Birthday dude. Keep rockin'!!
2 May 2009 - 1:26


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