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6 Oct 2012
Hello everyone. I am a new member. Name's Denis. I'm from NYC. Been playing electric guitar on and off for 8 years. Mostly off. Just decided to pick it up and work on it more regularly again. Don't expect to be a master of anything, just want to improve my chops and have some fun doing it.

3 Mar 2008
Hey Gabriel,

What do you think the best fingering for this riff is, out of the two I transcribed in the attached picture? The fingering in the first measure seems to be more "natural" feeling to me (in other words, easier), but the second fingering I guess provides more speed since less hand movement is required. I'm still a beginner and want to develop the proper technique form the start, so what should you recommend? Should I really take the time and make myself comfortable with the second fingering to squeeze out more efficiency?

Thanks wink.gif

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25 Feb 2008
Hey guys. Wondering if any of you more knowledgeable and experienced players can help me out with this. I'm trying to analyze the solo from Metallica's Master of Puppets, and I can't figure out what scale is being used for it. Looks to me like it's some sort of a mix between a minor scale and a blues scale. Am I on the right track? I've attached a screenshots of the tabs for the solo.

BTW, Ouch! Check this out:

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20 Feb 2008
Hey Kris,

I've watched several of your tapping 101 lessons and started practicing tapping. However, I am not very successful at it. I have a Parker NiteFly Mojo guitar (similar to one you have but with SD pickups instead of dimarzio) with light gauge strings. I'm using a line6 amp with high gain, etc. I am trying to practice the simple 19-15-12 Em arpeggio tapping lick you showed in lesson 1 on tapping, but when tapping with the pick hand finger on the 19th I'm getting very low sound that dies off quickly, unless I really hit the string so hard that it hurts. Am I doing something wrong? Or does the technique indeed involve hammering the finger into the string with such force that it's painful? In the video it doesn't look like you're using much force at all with you pick hand. Let me know.

20 Feb 2008
This is really two topics in one post, so here goes...

I'm starting to learn tapping and running into some painful difficulties. When trying to tap the 19-15-12 Em arpeggio, I'm seriously hurting my pick hand finger by jamming it super hard into the 19th fret to get a good sound out of the string, but all I keep getting are whimpy sounds (unless I really smash my finger into the string producing lots of pain (which is not fun). I have a Parker NiteFly Mojo guitar and using line6's insane setting (which should be good for things like tapping since it's got lots of gain, etc.). I am wondering whether (i) I should take the pain and build up and good callus on my pick-hand finger, continuing to smash it super hard into the string to get any sound at all, or (ii) it's an issue of setting the action higher to get more distance between the string and the fret, or (iii) something else entirely? Any more experienced players want to offer some tips / advice on this?

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