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24 May 2008
The 8:th fret bend B to G-string transition is killing me. I can't seem to do the actual string swap clean. I manage to kinda pull-off the D-string as well as releasing the G-string. Is it a matter of exercise or am I perhaps doing something technically wrong?

I'm bending with all three fingers on the B-string (index, middle and ring) and transition/release with my ring finger obviously. It is in this instance I manage to semi-pull off the D-string which messes the whole thing up.

Regards./ Johnny Göthe Norlin
23 May 2008
What's best really, doing technique exercises or practice songs where that certain technique you wanna learn is used? I usually here a song and want to learn certain sections in it. Should I try and find good exercises for it or just dive right into learning the song?/ Johnny
19 May 2008
A friend sent me this link the other day and I was completely blown away to say the least:

The guys name is Ronald Jenkees. He is a youtube-celebrity, so to speak. biggrin.gif A quite original chap I have to say, but who cares? Nevertheless he's in my opinion a musical genius. He plays the keyboard though, not that it really matters since it's music he's creating nonetheless. I urge you guys to check this link, and the related ones too, out.

Btw, if you want some real cool guitarclips you can search for Fretdance or Richard Lundmark on Youtube too. He's from my home town and he's really talented. Here's a link of him playing over an Immigrant Songish melody:

Enjoy fellas!/ Johnny
14 Apr 2008
I've noticed when looking through tabs and lessons and so on that pull-offs are used where picking could be used, with similar or same effect, and vice versa. What determines what to use really?

I'm under the impression that pull-offs is the "easy" way to do it if you're not fast enough with your picking hand? Is that correct?

Of course there's other aspects to it too, like playing pull-offs/hammer-ons on low gain doesn't work as well as when you crank the gain up to 10 and of course you get a more aggressive tone when picking it.

Are there any theoretical "rules" on the subject or is it just arbitrary?

Regards./ Johnny Göthe Norlin
2 Apr 2008
I've been checking out different lessons here at GMC and I've realized that I have real problems breaking songs down to slower tempos and playing them with a metronome.

A perfect example is Gabriels lesson RHCP meet Zakk Wylde. The fast part where he plays 7 notes per beat is impossible for me to grasp. Not in a sense that I can't play it even at slow speeds but in the sense that even when slowing it down REAL slow I can't seem to play 7 notes per beat!!!

I dunno what it is but I can't get into my thick skull to think in different terms than always even amount of notes. Triplets are fine, but the transition to 5 notes, 7 notes etc. won't work for me. It's a whole other thing with 2, 4, 6 and 8 notes per beat; 'cuz that's an even number and that works just fine.

Anyone else having this problem? biggrin.gif And how do I learn to play odd amounts of notes?/ Johnny Göthe Norlin
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