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28 Apr 2011
I am learning a song, that has three strings appearing like this:


It isn't hybrid picking either...just fast power chords. If the middle string is muted, it would have an X on it. What's the story here?
10 Apr 2011
I thought it would be cool for there to be a lesson posted, with the tabs and backing track, but not to hear the instructor play it. Then, we could all come up with our own tones for it, and post videos. I'll bet people would come up with totally different ideas of what it should sound like, and maybe even pick a winner. What do you think?
6 Jan 2011
Because of real life always getting in the way, I am only able to practice between 3-6 hours a week. I don't seem to have improved in the last 6 to 8 months at all. It is getting frustrating, and I wonder if I have reached all I am able to accomplish with my time frame. Anyone else experience the same thing?
23 Dec 2010
Hi guys. I play through a Line 6 Studio GX into my PC. For some unknown reason, the folder in which I keep all my tones got corrupted, and now all the tones sound exactly the same! This is frustrating to say the least. Can anyone with POD files send them to me so I can get up and running again?


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