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26 Jan 2010

Hi everybody

I was watching 40 year old virgin the other day and at the end of the movie you hear a sound clip of Jesu, joy by Johann Sebastian Bach performed by Apollo 100.

I really liked their arrangement of the song(good 70`vibe too it smile.gif) , and was in a way thinking of how cool it would be if an instructor here on GMC gave it a bash, so that we mere mortals could be able to play it wink.gif

I mean I could probably figure it out by my self but I`m pretty sure that some instructures here a bit into the neoclassical scene would be able to pull out a great cover of this great piece of music smile.gif

What do you guys think?

And more importantly what to you think of the song?

Here`s a link to the song
17 Nov 2009
Hi there

Dont kow whom to adress this to. But I was wondering about if there where more 101 lessons. like Kristoffers 101 blues pentatonic really gave me a great understanding abouth the pentatonic scale and I now know it by heart.

So I know that there is a theory board on GMC but I would really like to know if theres any 101 lessons on lydian, dorian, mixolydian scales etc. because for me personally this all sounds a bit greek(not to offence anyone from greece:)). and if one of the intructor would do some one on one on these various scales, that would make me a happy person.

Altough this is not to be taken 100% serious coz i know that I just cant go around and make requests around here:P

All in all i guess I just want to say that I, personally improved the most through the 101 lesson with scales and improvising, so I guess that im just hoping that someone (of the instructers that`ll be) will digg more into the various scales on a 101 level. thats all.

Take care cool.gif
19 Jun 2009
So I just wanted to hear some of you guys opinions on these lyrics ive been fooling around with. the song goes in Em as alot of melancholy like songs, and thats just what this one is meant to be. so its all acoustic except the solo. Ive got it all figured out but have no experience and understanding about uploading, if I did i guess i would have uploaded a version for GMC smile.gif either way ive given you some description about it and it would be great to hear yours opinions abouth it, your welcome to analyse it tongue.gif anyway here it goes.

I present to you:

New Song

Intro: Em G C Em Em G C Em

Calm The Winds Before Me

Lost In Her Voice So Clear

Cold Is The Night And She Calls Me

Abide The Tempest O` Dark

I: Love For my Land And The Ocean by my Hand

Fear Not The Wave`s My Child :I

Dark Is The Day And The Wind Blows

Into The Sails In My Wings

Tears In The Eyes of The Lost One`s

Love To My Children Of The Sea

I: Love For My Land And The Ocean by My Hand

Fear Not The Wave`s My Child :I

Solo: Em D Em Em D Em
Em D Em C D Em

I: Love For My Land And The Ocean At My Hand

Fear Not The Wave`s My Child :I

Outro: Em G C Em
6 Jan 2009
I got a guitartech to put in emgs pickups on my guitar about a half year ago. And i was just wondering of how close those of you who use emgs have them to the strings mine are: neck 5 mm and bridge 3 mm. Now what seems strange to me is that the instruction for installing the pickups said that to get fully effect out of the pickups you should put them as close to the strings as possible, but the guitartech (Who isntalled mine) said that if he put them to close the sound would be bad??? iactually believe that they sould be closer for i think they sound great but am sure that they could sound a bit better if i moved them closer, especially the neck picup because i use them a lot. eitherway whats your opinion on this? i just know that my guitar could sound a tad more evil \m/ mad.gif
31 May 2008

Well i recieved my baby (a Gibson lp standard) a month ago. and as i am into alot of heavy music like blind guardin, metallica, tyr, amon amarth, dimmu borgir and so on. I am considering to put some emg 81-85 into my gibson.
So here are my questions:
How good are the emgs? i mean the gibson humbuckers are actually awesome.
Does it take down the value of the guitar? is it easy to switch over to the old pickups if i should need to?
And last but not least, what are your personal meanings about this.

Thanks for all the help guys and girls smile.gif

Btw learning the pentatonic scales on GMC helped me evolve more in 1 month as a guitar player, then i have the last ten years so thank you guys smile.gif

And another thing, why cant i upload pics to my profile???

Take care, Bact to practice cool.gif
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