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Guitar, fishing, pc-games
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18 May 2008
Hi David,

before i ask you a question i would like to tell you, that you make great lessons. Its because you dont only play them, you explain how you play them. You talk about the technique and whats coming from the heart. My compliment.
(Unfortunately, you dont live just around the corner - would be great to have you for teacher in real).

Enough Compliments :-)
Now my question:

I really love to listen to and to play southern rock. When you search the internet you can find similar sites like gmc. (I guess Kris would not be happy if i tell the adress here :-) Well, they have plenty of southernrockstyle lessons.
Ive searched gmc and couldnt find any. I guess its because the gmc-instructors are from all over the world and southernrock is american style like country music.

I wanted to ask you before i post it for everybody. Is there any chance that you make one (or more) southernrock style lessons?
Would make me very happy.

kind rgds

3 May 2008
im wondering how often you change to new strings.

Im asking because, when i play every day, i have to change my strings every 3 or 4 weeks. The strings become dark, specially the high strings and they become uncomfortable to play. They are kind of sharp and it hurts my fingers, specially when bending them.

Is there a way to keep them longer alive and is this a normal period?.
How often do you change your strings?

30 Apr 2008
Hi to all GMCer,

im very frustrated at the moment and i need your help.

I started playing guitar a few years ago. It started with a accustic guitar and some fingerpicking. Two years ago i bought a gibson les paul studio with seymour duncan pickups. My amp is an vox ad30vt.
I didnt play constantly and with a system - just when i had the time and the mood for it. I never had a teacher and i learned everything i know from books.

A few months ago i decided to beginn learning seriously (thats why im here :-)) and i bought a effectpedal, the marshall distortion pedal guvnour because i like this oldscool southernrock sound and want to concentrate on some rock.

Well, i thought, that my playing is not so bad. After playing with the pedal i know better.
It is very bad!!!

Now i realise, that the problem is not in playing chords, rhytm, scales or simple solos.
The problem is to play it clean. In other words - my problem is the muting.

Im not able to keep the notplayed strings quiet.
I fail with everything i try. I know that it takes time to get the perfect technique - but how?
Its fine when i play powerchords. But when i play some appregios on the e, a and d string or when i play solos i cant keep the higher strings quiet. Specially the high e string. For example: when i play joes lesson muted appregios i always have some noise from the hight e string. sad.gif
I try to mute the strings with the palm of my right hand but when playing the e, a and d string i heighten the palm just enough that the high e string is not muted anymore.

Please, please, can you tell me: How do you mute?
Please give me some instructions. I searched all the lessons but i couldnt find a lesson where its explained how to mute. Maybe an Instructor can make a lesson about muting. But with explanation and not just playing.

Thank you
18 Apr 2008
Hi Joe,

first of all - you have some pretty good lessons here - compliment.

Im just practicing your lesson: i got rhytm guitar 5 muted apreggios.
I really love this lesson - but the muting is driving me crazy.

Its no problem to play the notes or the alternate picking, the only thing not working is the muting - specially of the high e string.
Ive learned, and i found some helpfull stuff about muting here in the forum, that you have to mute, for example when you play the g string, the strings above the played strings with the palm of the right hand and the strings below with the index finger of the left hand.

as far as i can see in your video, you are not muting with the index finger. So when i try to mute all strings with the palm of my right hand everything is working fine - but not the hight e string. when i play the melody of your lesson, everything sounds fine - but there is always a "sound" of the hight e string. When i stop playing to check the position of my right hand on the bridge all strings are mutet - only the e string is not. There is just enough space between the palm of my hand and the string to allow it to swing and to produce noise.

Is it a bad habbit, did i lern the wrong mutingtechniqe from the beginning?

can you give me some advice, please.

Kind regards.
9 Apr 2008
Hi everybody,
its my first day as a member here and id like to introduce myself.

My Name is Petar and im 44 years old.
Im born in Croatia and i live in Germany since 1974.
I work at Frankfurt Airport and my hobbys are guitar playing, fishing and PCGames.

I started playing guitar in 1988. I never had a teacher and learnd everything from books and friends. Including the mistakes and bad habbits :-). In 1996 i had a kind of dead point and loss of motivation. I came to a point, where i couldnt improve my playing by myself. So i did quit playing and i sold my guitar then.

Four years ago I started again with new motivation. I bought an Gibson les Paul Studio with seymour duncan pickups and started playing again. I love all kind of rock music. Specially some Southern Rock like molly hatchet or zz top and metal like Nightwish.
A few weeks ago ive seen this site and it was amazing to see whats going on here. Fantastic Guitar players, good community and very nice people.
So i decided to sign up here. Its time to improve my playing and to learn from people who know how to play.
So here is the right place for me.

My best greeting to all of you

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