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Well.. My name is Amar Duranovic. I am born in Bosnia, but i live in Norway. When i first layed my hands on an electric guitar i got hooked on just doing some random stuff, but now, after joining this site, im truly going in to learn something! Cya Around!
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Home, spamming the GMC forum.
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Guitar, Fishing, Video Games, Movies.
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18 Jan 2010
Dont know if it's posted yet!

Oh and dont forget to look at tip of the day guys ;O
18 Jan 2010
A band called Mystic Prophecy

Their Amazing! I personally LOVE THEM! Theyre very metal'ish in the style of Iron Maiden.
Their guitars are great, Vocals are amazing, they have so many different types of songs im gonna post a few youtube clips! biggrin.gif

Theyre just amazing!
30 Nov 2009
Well, I was cruising arround for random guitars. And , i found one that just hit me, in the bottom of my heart. If you know what i mean.

This guitar, is my ultimate dream guitar. It's 5000+ Dollars i think, and im getting a job tomorrow (im 16) To save up money for this guitar.

I'm totally serious, this is like the guitar im striving for but, what i need help for is this.

Can this guitar still be bought? I heard only a few of them were made. I'm talking of none but the very

Ibanez JS2PRM Chromeboy Guitar

Please tell me theres any way i can get this. I am more in love with this guitar than anything i can think of. (IM SERIOUS! It's really like that!)
Theres like a feeling theres no me without the guitar. I have more feelings for this guitar than my girlfriend right now.

I might be a psycopath but i dont care. Is there any way to get this guitar?
16 Jun 2009
I just really cant decide guys. its summer vacation, i just finnished first 10 years of school. And im standing in the middle of a crossroad. I have different paths to chose. Some are safe, while others are risky. But are what i really want in life.

I was thinking about going to electric school, finnish that and then go in a college for programming for 5 years to get a Master grade. Thats my "safe path" ... The other one is..

Music... Music has had such a great impact on my life, id never be the same person i am today without music. I love all music that is instrumental, Blues, Acoustic, jazz, funk, rock, metal. I really express myself through music.

I am told that i have a true born talent in guitar from any guitar teacher i have had for short times. I learn fast, and they say i play with passion.

I really , really and i mean REALLY want to dedicate my life to music. But how shall i begin? Im not "pr0" on guitar yet. I started 12 months ago or so, but i can nearly play lvl 6 lessons here on GMC. But ive not been practicing much, maybe only like 20 mins a day...

But i really want to go seriously in for guitar, maybe after these 4 years at school that are up next, go to try and improve my music skills, become what im dreaming about. A musician...

I want, i really WANT to spend, 5-7 hours a day, studying guitar, and music in general. I can also become a programmer and work with music, but its a long path of school... And i feel its not the same. I want to dedicate my life to music. I express myself through music. And my soul and heart is just crying and want to burst out showing that expression. Through music. ARH! This is all so hard! I have my whole life in front of me (I'm 16) But these are all serious thoughts! You have no idea how many sleepless nights ive had, (3 in a row now) thinking about this.... I just... want to dedicate my life to music, study music, spend 5-7 hours a day playing guitar, try to make a living out of it, and i also have a talent! Atleast they say, very seriously. They told me NEVER EVER! To give up guitar.... Oh my god GMC, can you help me? I'm serious here, this is my future,


I can go programming and still study music. But it wont be the same, im too sure... Sigh, please give me advice, i feel like my head is gonna blow up!
5 May 2009
OK so i want to renew my guitarmasterclass subscribtion. (obviously)

But when i do all the paypal stuff i get this:

We were unable to verify your credit or debit card. To proceed with your purchase, please select a different payment method or add a different credit or debit card, then click Continue


What!? I personally find paypal a bit annoying... tongue.gif So i type in the credit card number manually and stuff, and it says it already belongs to a paypal account, but why isnt that account working? .... *SIGH*
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Glad to hear you're still playing. :)
2 Jun 2008 - 23:38
thanks man
19 Apr 2008 - 15:17
Går sikkert bra det :)
18 Apr 2008 - 9:28
Thanks Dude! Welcome to GMC :)
17 Apr 2008 - 22:34
Trond Vold
Takktakk! :)
Velkommen til GMC!
Og jada, har mange videoer til planlagt :)
17 Apr 2008 - 17:27


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