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28 Jun 2011
Hello everyone (for the 2nd time around). I joined a couple years ago and was off to a good start practicing everyday, but that only lasted a month or two before I stopped playing altogether. Before that I had a guitar in my teen years and only picked it up every now and then, so I really didn't get anywhere. I feel much more commited now than I did when I was younger and although it has only been 3 weeks since I have started, I feel confident that I will stick with it this time. I am currently practicing Todds alternate picking lesson series (just started lesson 2), using warming up with Lian and warming up with Marcus, finger independence 1 with Danilo, and beginners corner with Bear. Besides music, my favorite hobbies are snowboarding and working/racing cars. I am currently going back to school to get a degree in accounting and a minor in economics.
1 May 2008
Im still on the 6-step beginner course and need help with the metronome.

I can play quarter and eighth notes pretty well but with anything else I get confused trying to count and listen for the click to make sure im on time, is there any excersizes or other lessons out there that can help me?

Also how am I suppose to count out each different note value ie: quarter, eighth, sixteenth, etc....Im pretty sure im doing it right but I dont want to get in a bad habit if Im not?

25 Apr 2008
Im looking to buy my first amp and was looking into the spider jam. Ive heard a lot of mixed opinions about spider amps. Im a beginner so im not sure if it would be a bad choice for me or not.

First off heres what I like about the amp and why:

1. Numerous presets: I can spend more time practicing then trying to find the sound Id like.
2. Jam tracks: I think this feature will introduce me to playing with others, keeping time and let me develop my own riffs and licks.
3. Looping feature: I can listen to myself play and solo over my own riffs. Could also help me catch on to my mistakes faster so I can fix them.

I live in an apartment but will be taking my amp maybe once a week to a house where ill be able to play at volume so most of the time ill have my headphones plugged there an issue with that?

Thats pretty much all Ive got right now, If you guys need more info to help me decide let me know...I dont wanna make a $500 mistake, Thx

24 Apr 2008
Hello everyone!!

Im Marcus from California, USA. Im 24 years old and slightly new to guitar playing. Ive had a guitar since I was in my mid teens but only played for a couple months before loosing my motivation. Since then ive only picked up the guitar off and on and never really took the time to learn anything. I stumbled upon this site by luck and it seems like it might be what I need to get going in the right direction so I took the initiative and signed up for six months.

My gear includes an Ibanez RX-40 and Epiphone Masterbilt DR500R. I currently dont have an amplifier but will be looking to purchase one in the near future.

I hope to learn a lot here and stay motivated this time around!!


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