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What can I say? It looks as it does, and sounds even worse;) I have high hopes to change the sound though;)
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28 Aug 2017
Greetings venerable GMC members! wink.gif I have a specific request:
I am now only playing using my Line 6 Toneport, wearing headphones and sitting next to my laptop. This won't change soon, as I don't think I will find time to rehearse with a band. The thing that changed is that my girl friend would like me to play her from time to time, and this can't be done using the Toneport while wearing headphones:P

So a total gear noob is looking for something that doesn't take too much space, can be used like the Line 6 Toneport, but also can have speakers attached, and is more up to date / have better quality than the old faithful Toneport.

If you have some set in mind - speakers included, than speakers suggestions are also more than welcome.

As I mentioned I don't expect to play outside of my room for the time being, but if there are few similar things, one of which could be used in a bigger number of different situations, than I can pay for that too.

I think that it is relatively clear what I am after, but if it isn't please tell, and I will try to elaborate.

Thanks in advance!
6 Aug 2017
Original lesson: Mixing Different Note Groupings in Soloing by Emir Hot

Hello GMC! First recording served... Should have recorded this lesson months ago, but life was hard... I think I can hear myself rushing ahead of the beat at times, and it seems I strayed from the original "a bit"... The danger of a too long, mindless grind:/

18 Nov 2016
Original lesson: John 5 Style by Gabriel Leopardi

Damn the top left corner of the video is outside of the black background :P I literally forgot how to handle the guitar when attempting to record this lesson, the REC button syndrome was strong:P

10 Oct 2016
Hi fellow GMC'ers. I tried to search the archives of GMC for topics about cameras/camcorders used to record proper video, but most of what I've found was 3-5 years old, and I guess the situation changed quite much since then.

After my old camera died, I've recorded few REC takes with my smartphone and in-build laptop webcam. I can notice that the quality of my videos dropped, and considering in few months I'll be able to set up a better place to practice guitar and record my takes, it is time to look for a better device for capturing video.

Do you have any recommendations?

From what I see most people use "normal cameras" that in the past were used for taking photos, and nowadays have option to also record video. Is this the easiest/normal way? I am probably wrong, but when I look upon a camera, I think about photos not video huh.gif

My budget is up to 300-500$ but I would rather spend way less if it is possible. I don't plan on taking my camera outside, its sole role will be to record me in my room, on a black canvas background with proper lights set up.

Probably a quality of 720HD would be enough, but maybe I am wrong, and should aim at 1080HD already?

I'm counting on you! laugh.gif
25 Sep 2016
Original lesson: John Sykes Style by Ben Higgins

Learning this was a pleasure, after hammering the previous one for ages. It is a first record-take, I can feel/hear that the notes are a bit shorter than they should be, probably typical REC syndrome thing...

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