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26 Jun 2009
Actually, it came out a few days ago, but for some reason there's no topic about it yet. I know that a few of you are going to go see chickenfoot live.

Even though Satch's guitar work is restrained a little bit, for he no longer has a reason to show off, it's still pretty amazing.

Check out this song:

Avenida Revolution

I think its one of my favorites, first song on the album, best guitar part, and the only song that really sounds foreboding at all.
24 Jun 2009
You have a great sound through your podxt thingy, and you have given us mortals a chance to experience some of your greatness biggrin.gif with the patch you have provided multiple times. However, I don't have a pod or anything, I have a digitech gnx2 (very similar to the floor pod models.) Even though I can't get the settings onto my unit directly, I can put them on manually if I have the settings written out. My model has a good array of amp and cabinet mods, a reasonable eq, compression, noise gate, distortion/od modeling, and all the other good stuff, with all of the basic knobs you would expect to find on these things. So I need a basic idea of sound (ie, maybe, use a marshall stack modeling, with gain on 67, used with greenback speakers...) etc.
21 Jun 2009
Well, this is actually a theory tidbit, although if you already know anything about theory then it won't help your playing. Its just very cool.

Light-sound relationships

I don't know if this is true or not, just thought it very fascinating. If you're too lazy to follow the link, it's just talking about how there are seven notes of a major scale, and seven colors. Also, the primary colors are the first, third, and fifth colors, just like the major chord is the first, third, and fifth degrees of that scale!
16 Jun 2009
I'm very angry at my guitar today. I mean, I love it dearly, of course, but I still hate it! rolleyes.gif

I finished routing it so that it is recessed (so that you can pull up on it too.) That worked great, its just a little harder to tune now. But the intonation at the twelfth fret is totally out of whack (I murdered sweet child of mine, which is mostly played in twelfth position) and I've tried adjusting the string length 43 times at the bridge on one string and it hasn't worked any of those times. mad.gif When the string is slack and I adjust it, it's in a good place. However, when I add tension again, it goes right back to where it was when it was out of tune! Does anyone have any advice, or videos, or something that can help me? I'm too stubborn to go to the music store and get it set up... I built it, I should be able to get it to work! or so one would think...
29 May 2009
I finished my guitar! Actually, I finished it a while ago, but was too lazy to write a paragraph about it and take good pictures. My goal was to make a guitar I could use for most everything (maybe a combination between a gibson and a ibanez, my two favorite brands.) So here it is!...

Note that I installed pickup rings later, so that looks better now.
Complete specs:
Body- swamp ash (strat shape)
neck- maple w/compound radius maple fretboard (strat shape) 22 frets
Bridge+nut- floyd rose licensed
pickups- epiphone something (neck) duncan pearly gates (bridge)
controls- lp style

so there it is! I hope to have a sound sample soon.
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