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Been around the block playing in bands etc... but never reached my potential due to poor training regimes & concentrating on the wrong things.

Started playing again after 4 years out so looking to play catchup (and overtake!).
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48 years old
Worcester, England
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18 May 2010
Hi I renewed my subscription today on a monthly basis through paypal but I still have no access to members content. Thinking there was an error I went through the renewal process though my login and have ended up paying twice! rolleyes.gif

However I still have no access to full members on lessons etc. Is there any way I can get this resolved? and refunded for the duplicated payment?

Thanks guys

23 Jun 2008
Hi all,

just wondered if there is anything on the market which will allow for time and space to stretch, this will allow me to have more time to practice guitar on GMC.

There are not enough hours in the day with 4 kids & running a pub sad.gif

Maybe I should arrange for a GMC meet up in my pub so I can give my wife an excuse for me to play the guitar.

Oh well it looks like I'll have to start having an affair with GMC in the early hours whilst she is sleeping.

Keep me posted wink.gif
20 Jun 2008
Hi guys,

now I've truly got the bug now and started playing again I was wondering what guage string of choice is for the instructors and students in general. I'm looking to concenrate more on the shredding side of things at the moment so looking for some nice speedy runs and some cool bends. I'm finding playing with my 9's bending to high notes and at speed can be a little tough (soul of the world being a prime example, Great by the way Kris & Marcus!!).

After a few days practising my fingers a sore as you like so I'm having to rest for a day to recover between practices. Will the lower guage help?


14 Jun 2008
Hi everone,

I stumbled accross GMC by accident looking for some help to on teaching my son play guitar (he's only 8). After looking at things I decided to sign up and boy am I glad.

I'm 35 now and played in various bands over the years & always thought I could shred out a few things or two but I've probably learned more from this site in the last week than I have ever.

I've always played by ear which helped in some respects but never learned even the basics of the theory (too keen to learn the killer shreds from the guitar tabs in mags cool.gif ). I'm still guilty of this as I need to know the basics to help me know what and why I'm actually playing. But the guys are soo damn good at GMC I can't help going to those advanced sweepig lessons. I could never get it right but in just a week I actally sweeping!!!!!!!! YEEEESSSSS.

Im feeling refreshed again after not playing for 4 years. Is anyone else in the same position as me as I can play some advanced stuff but on the other hand cant play some of the basics (sounds strange?).

I need to be more strict with myself but need to taylor a training regime to learn the basics of theory as well as unleahing some of the more fun stuff. HELP PLEASE.

My guitars I have are a Jackson soloist custom ltd edition lighting (built in 1987) and a garish desert yellow Ibanez Jem from the early 90's. None of them are playable at the moment and in the process of repair so I'm playing on my sons cheap (but reasonable) Yamaha ERG 121C. I play this though my Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead along with my Zoom GFX 707 effects pedal.

Cheers guys, glad to be a member of the GMC family
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