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28 years old
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My interests are of course guitar playing. Besides that I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan through and through.
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24 Aug 2017
Thought I'd share these words from him:

21 Aug 2017
Thought I'd share. I found a very nice Steve Lukather sound on the Tonecloud of BIAS FX. Here's a little taste of it:

16 Aug 2017
My amp arrived after all smile.gif

Laney irt60h + Cabinet irt212.

And then I also treated myself to a delay pedal. A TC Electronic Flashback Delay. Though I later realised I could maybe use the effects from BIAS FX through the amp via my laptop? Anyone done that before? smile.gif

Anyway, here's a pic.

Hopefully next time you see this amp it will be from a rehearsal room, if we're able to find a place.
15 Aug 2017
Just saw this

I really like SD2. Use it all the time. Excited to see a third edition, though my wallet will not be happy.
11 Aug 2017
So I've apparently become an idiot over night, and forgot how to do things.

It's an Ibanez with tremolo.

I tune the guitars on the normal tuners. It's perfect.
I lock the nuts. It's out of tune by 1/4th of a tone. Flat. So I try to tune as good as possible with the fine tuners. This is near impossible, as I run out of possibility to turn the fine tuners anymore, even though they were turned almost all the way away.
"Okay, let's unlock the nut and try again", I think. As soon as I unlock the nuts, the guitar is tuned 1/4 note too sharp.

What the hell is going on? I've never had problems like this before!

Could it be something as simple as old strings? 2 months?
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Awesome playing in the big Collab Dude!!!
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Hey!! Happy birthday!
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Hey man happy birthday hope its a good one :)
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Pedja Simovic
Happy Birthday Ben !
Enjoy and have fun today :)
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Sounds awesome :D And yes, pictures are mandatory!
So you're definetly back now then? Been empty around here :P
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