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Something that is considered to be a classic rarely means its the best - but rather it means it has a bigger influence on what is to become.
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3 Sep 2009
The other day I put aside my main guitar (ESP MH400NT) leaning up against my computer desk beside my guitar rack which was holding my scalloped ephiphone. I have done this hundreds of times but in the back of my mind, I have always thought that I might be pushing it and should buy another rack or put it away.

Well the inevitable happened - it fell over and when I picked it up, I was pretty shocked - the high e-string has broke (not so bad) but I saw that a 6 cm long section of the fret board lining had broken off and their was a huge chunk taken out of the 12th fret. I sat there for a long time staring at it but I couldn't figure out how the fret board could have been wrecked like that!

The next day, I got back on the horse and started to play around with my scalloped guitar only to realize what had happened the day before - my ESP had fallen over and clipped the tuning screw of the low E string bending it so badly that the only tuning regime I have been able to do for that guitar is drop Dflat (not sure it that is correct name but its like Drop D but a half step lower).

For the ESP, I was able to snap in the plastic liner piece (but I am thinking of taking it out and glueing it back on). The problem is there is a fairly large gap between the liner and fret that I may have problems with catching my fingers but I will have to wait to see if it is a problem - any ideas on what I can use to fill it if need be?

6 Oct 2008
For those not familiar with the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar, it was a pretty ground breaking piece of work that was a big favourite of mine growing up on a Canadian military base in Germany in the 70's.

There were 2 versions of the opera that came out near the same time in the early 70's - one the official movie track and another version featuring a number of well known musicians at the time including Deep Purple's Ian Gillan. I didn't mind the movie track version but I was hugely impressed with the Ian Gillan version (sang as Jesus) - his voice to me is just absolutely perfect - far better, in my view, than any of the Deep Purple albums for which I also was a big fan.

A couple of years ago, I came across an album by Vanden Plas in which they sang a cover of one of the songs - a very good version - that led me go back to find the older Ian Gillan version and realized that, in spite of the 20 years, I found the opera to be as good as I remember.

Recently I came across another JCS cover tune by Queensrhyche - unfortunately I wasn't overwhelmed by the cover tune (nor by their other covers on the album). After coming across a number of references in metal music, I am starting to realize that the opera seems to still be inspiring to a number of metal bands particularly in Europe.

I am wondering if anyone knows of any more covers out there and if its been more of an inspiration than I thought?

(Note: This is not a post concerning religious music or such - as an evolution ecologist, I am ........)
21 Aug 2008
Since joining GMC almost 2 months ago, my practice regime has increased considerably particularly in the last 2-3 weeks when I reorganized my computer study to accomodate the increased practice. My practice schedule increased from about 2-4 hours a week (and 4+ hour sessions on saturdays) to about 2-3 hour sessions daily.

Most of the sessions I have been working on have involved alternate picking exercises (like Trond's picking exercise) that have really helped out with my picking and timing. But last week, I noticed my right elbow (strumming arm) was getting tender (although I didn't notice it during my playing so I ignored it). It continued to get worse and finally I started feeling it while playing so I decided to shut down my playing for a week (there was no numbness in my hand and no effect I could detect in my playing) After 3-4 days, it hasn't got much better and its pretty stiff in the morning.

I am just wondering about how to go about treating this type of thing (like light stretching or something like that). I am wondering if others have had similar experiences with this problem and if they have any recommendations?

3 Jul 2008
Hello everyone

I recently joined the GMC community and have had an amazing experience so far in my approach to my guitar playing. I have been playing for about 20 years now although I had a hiatus of about 12 years after I got married 15 years ago. I am still not playing as much as I want to but I try to get in at least 30 minutes of playing most days with the occassional 4-6 hour sessions. I have had little formal training learning mostly by ear (which is not particularly good by the way) which has limited me to rythm for the most part. After running through some of the lessons, I have realized that I am still a beginner for many techniques although some of the things like pinch harmonics (what I called squacking) were pretty easy-although I definitely have room to improve.

Started off with:
Marcus Lavendel - Neoclassical solo (beginner) - I saw this and thought I could never do this kind of playing - I quickly realized that this was quite doable and got to 3/4 speed after just a couple of run throughs. More importantly, though, this lesson taught me a valuable lesson in changing my fretboard fingering as my 'default' fingering just doesn't cut it.
Trond - Beginner solo and Picking Exercise lessons - Love them both and I suspect the picking exercise will be one of my warm up exercises for years to come - but they also really showed me how poor my timing is.
Gabriel Leopardi - I tried the Black Sabbath lesson primarily because the fast solo segment is something I have heard time and time again but have never been able to do until now - I can only get it to 50% speed but its improving.
Muris Varajic - started off with the Myxolydian riffing (and beginner solo) - very different from my usual stuff (primarily Iron Maiden) and has been an interesting addition to helping me with my timing and fretboard knowledge.
David Wallimann - love the Maiden lesson - having difficulty getting up to speed without getting really sloppy so I have been taking this slowly (teaching me patience).

So many lessons to learn!

The site has also inspired me in other ways - for instance, I took apart an old gibson-epiphone (fender style) and scalloped the frets and refinished it (I normally consider myself in the running for the worst handimen - lol).

If there are any suggestions I can make to new players out there - make sure you buy a good guitar! The better the guitar, the easier it is to play. I bought an ESP Ltd 400MHNT a couple of years ago and my playing has improved immensely (although I suspect that I have learned more in the last month than my previous 2 years).

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