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18 Jan 2012
So about a year ago i started to notice that i can play really clean and crisp at very fast speeds and at slow speeds but could not play very well at mid tempos; and that i had a pretty bad sense of timing when it came to soloing because i've never really practiced to a metronome.

So after hearing every one of my guitar heros claim that the key to success is building speed on a metronome (accuracy first, build slow, efficiency, etc. etc. etc.) i decided to take some of my favorite phases (as well as several exercises) and practice them slow and build on a metronome, strictly alternate picked. I hit my wall at about 108 bpm with 32nd notes, and stayed there for about a month of frustration when i realized all this time i was playing fast and clean i was using economy picking- every higher string i went up to i would always down stroke and every lower string i jumped to i would always up stroke.

So i started to practice these exercise and phrases and building on them economy picking style and i hit my wall at 180bpm, and within two weeks i was at 208 bpm. And all the while i developing my sense of timing.

The practice felt so good and I saw so much improvement, and so far it seems that everything that's meant to be alternate picked i can economy pick 10x better. Im temped to just leave my alternate picking undeveloped, is this wise? Or will it just hurt me later?

Thanks Guys
29 Jan 2011
i recently watched the song remains the same and came across this little jem:

the part im specifically talking about starts at 5:30, when they go into the "if you're going to san Fransisco" cover
the vid gets cut off right in the middle but whats next is the famous jimmy page bow solo

my favorite parts have to be the transistion at 5:30 in the first vid and at 2:13 in the second video, i HAVEE to know what he's doing

i just find the transition and the chords in the solo so fascinating, everything about it, if anyone can give me just any bits of info they can pull from watching the vid i would really appreciate it, i want to be about to emulate the same crow stopping feel and spacey vibe. so what im looking for is kind of a breakdown of the scale or mode hes using and how hes using it (like which chords hes using and how) but anything would help me out

thanks guise. biggrin.gif
4 Nov 2010
so a couple weeks ago i came to you guys about my alt. picking and got some great advice and resources, since then my alt. picking has gotten on par with the rest of my playing (thanks so much guys biggrin.gif ) but there is still one HUGE area im lacking in thats preventing me from getting any "real" practice (jamming)

you see, when i dont have a tempo track behind me i can play good stuff, ive played for many people and they always say "you're so good why aren't you in a band blah blah blah" and then it hit me, ive been avoiding jam sessions because i lose direction once i have to think about tempo and melody at the same time. Whenever i have a rhythm track behind me i have to think too hard to count the beats that i lose any real melodic creativity and just end up playing simple stuff- while this would impress most people in a jam session, im not playing at my full potential and i cant stand that. If i do focus on creating melodic lines i can't change my phrasing at all- for instance i can play some interesting 32nd notes lines, but if i want to change over to say a 16th note triplet lead i wont be able to, id have to stop for a bar to count, then go again.

i've been practicing to a metronome every time i pick up a guitar since you guys told me to a couple weeks ago, mostly to get my alt. picking better. but i still can't switch up my phrasing at all-

so i guess what i'm asking for is some help with improvisation and keeping tempo, or just anything you'd think would help me in a jam situation.

ALSO: im thinking about re0subscribing to a guitar magazine, i had guitar player but i let my subscription run out, which guitar magazine would you guys recommend?
22 Oct 2010
hey guys, only come around and post about once every couple years when im completely stuck, and here i am mad.gif

i've slowly regressed to "noodling" on guitar and not really practicing. part of the reason this happened was because i started to get into slower genres of music, drone, doom, and stoner metal- so i decided to get back into tech death metal to get my chops up (because nothing makes you want to become a better guitar player like a good tech death cd laugh.gif ) so I decided to work on the seven solo from necrophagist- which would've been in my skill level about 3 years ago, but spending time on this solo really brought out all of my flaws i developed in the past couple years of "noodling".

first off i noticed that my accenting was completely gone and so was my sense of tempo, this impacted my alternate picking the worst: could anyone direct me to a good resource for getting my accenting back or working on my alt picking overall? like a good guitar vid with tons of alt picking shapes in it?

secondly i don't know how to exactly angle my left hand: i cant get good extension with the baseball bat grip, but i cant get any "expression" (bending vibrato accenting muting etc) out of classical style, i was thinking about training up on Chuck Shuldiner's technique ( heres a pic: ) of having the thumb in the middle of the neck pointing towards the head, i get the best reach and best expression out of this style, but i cant mute any of the other strings im not playing on with my left hand; any thoughts, or resources someone could point me to? like a guitarist to examine or explain your own technique and its pros/cons

pretty much the same thing with my right hand also, i don't know whether to brace or not and where to brace, pick angle, which muscles to use, etc. right now im using my wrist to pick, trying to keep my pick as parallel to the string as possible, but im using my arm/elbow when i want to move up and down the strings

i know most people are going to say "do whats comfortable" and that is good advice, however, nothing is comfortable right now, so ill just start from scratch with the technique that has the least cons and most pros.

and thanks in advance guys, you've helped me out of many binds before biggrin.gif looking forward to getting a little insight on techniques and resources.
18 Aug 2010
hai guise biggrin.gif
first time posting here,

well I was out pawn shopping today and found a sunn model 2m cab with two 10 inch speakers for 299$ (extremely rare from what i hear and discontinued), and at a pawn shop across the street an orange tiny terror was being sold for 375$ (about 100$ cheaper than i've ever seen one).

Because they are at 2 different pawn shops its going to be very difficult to try them out together, I have played both brands individually in the past and I feel they are perfect for what i want to play- slow drop tuned metal with lots of effects, psychedelic clean passages, and smooth bluesy solos (stoner/doom)

however im a complete noob when it comes to anything but combo amps, never owned a stack or set one up before, just powered up and played, dont know the rules on matching if their are any.

my current set up is more for death metal (which im growing out of) so Its more of a tight and scooped sound, with lots of attack; but now im looking something that sounds very smooth and low with lots of presence (im going to be the only guitarist in this new project) which orange and sunn are known for.

does anyone have any experiences with the two brands, or the two brands together? any problems anyone foresees with this set up? or a head/cab set up that you'd recommend for what i'm doing? or any tips or useful info for a complete amplifier noob (like links smile.gif )

thanks in advance

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