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I only play the guitar to have an excuse to spend ludicrous amount if money on pretteh gear, then brag about it. Also, I love playing maj7-chords and give people sleezy looks.
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11 Mar 2018
Original lesson: Sweep Picking 7th Arpeggios by Alex Feather

I thought this was a pretty simple lesson, with the given backing track at 90bpm and a skill rating of 4. Suddenly became a lot harder (as my concentration face can attest to :lol: ) when I realized the original speed is 120 bpm.

11 Feb 2018
Original lesson: Basic Rock Guitar: Bending & Vibrato by Guido Bungenstock

I had a perfect first take...until I switched pickups in the end and realized my neck pup was turned off, lol! So I guess this is what I was capable of tonight. Really struggling with the Jimi-bend, but I think this one made it.

12 Feb 2017
Original lesson: Ben's Vibrato Odyssey 1 by Ben Higgins

I`ve finally realized my vibrato need some serious work, so this series should be perfect for me. After ten years of playing, I`ve almost never tried classical vibrato, so this was more challenging to get than I thought. some delay added post. Sorry for the lights. My room was too dark, so I tried getting the guitar lit up at least.

17 Jan 2017
Original lesson: Dynamics Control by Diego Budicin

Not the best take, but the best I was able to record at the current time. Amplifire used for tones, but after rendering the final track, I thought it was a bit dry, so will try to improve that next vid.

12 May 2016
Original lesson: Legato Stamina by Ian Bushell

And there`s the update for legato. Not a perfect take, and I have done better, but I wanted to have it done before facing 6 weeks without an electric guitar :( And sorry for sound going out of old Mac is almost dying on me with the slightest video editing, so sometimes I mess up.

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