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I only play the guitar to have an excuse to spend ludicrous amount if money on pretteh gear, then brag about it. Also, I love playing maj7-chords and give people sleezy looks.
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12 May 2016
Original lesson: Legato Stamina by Ian Bushell

And there`s the update for legato. Not a perfect take, and I have done better, but I wanted to have it done before facing 6 weeks without an electric guitar :( And sorry for sound going out of old Mac is almost dying on me with the slightest video editing, so sometimes I mess up.

11 May 2016
Original lesson: Modal Madness: 2 string patterns by Zsolt Galambos

Not the most complicated lesson, but serves more as an update for the AP-technique for the mentoring program. Also, "detuning" is done via Digitech The Drop, confirming that the latency is sufficiently low to use it on solos as well, if anyone cares :)

11 Mar 2016
Original lesson: Fast Progressive Metal Riffing by Diego Budicin

Really struggled with the tone in the intro here. No matter what I tried, scooped/not scooped, gainy/not gainy etc, it sounded a bit trash, so I hope the rest is decent. Also tried some video editing, but my poor macbook air 2011 (with one fan) struggled with just rescaling the video while heating up my entire dorm, so I think a new computer is needed before I get into that stuff!

18 Feb 2016
Original lesson: Legato Rock by Javier Aviles

<meaningless intro> Tried to do something useful with the feedback I got last time, but the trial version only allowed one effect per video, so I chose scaling this time instead of colors. And when I was about to export video, I found out the trial version also only allowed one export, so for the first time in a LONG time, I actually bought a license instead of doing the pirate style :) Didn`t go back and edit the colors though...but next time :D </meaningless intro> <useful comments> Tried to get in the groove on this one, even though it`s not perfect. And I REALLY need to work on my guitar face....looks like I`m being stabbed everytime I get satisfied with something :P Also, there are two guitars in this as you probably will hear. I listened to both separately, and the imperfections are the same, but if that`s not allowed, I will redo :) AmpliFire with a Mesa-simulation used for recording. </useful comment>

10 Feb 2016
Original lesson: Alternate Picking Workout #3 by Darius Wave

Wooh, finally back on the REC-train after several years away. Might be a start for something new, or just a sudden glimpse of motivation. We`ll see :) Due to my eagerness to post something again, and my lack of recording skills, I uploaded with some slight timing imperfections, which clearly needs working. I also appreciate tips for simple "post production" to make the video/audio better! cheers

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