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18 Jan 2010
I recently started to listen to Septic Flesh and started to transcribe their song Anubis today, but there's the weirdest chord I've ever heard and I need some help with it. I'm not even sure it's in tune.

The chord stuff comes in at 1:10.
Edit:Tuning is Drop-C or C-Standard.
16 Dec 2009
I want to buy a new computer, mainly for recording but I would also like it if I could play games on it. It needs to be able to record through USB or similar with my Line 6 POD X3 Live.
I have no idea where to look for one or what I should have in it.
Budget is around 800-900 Dollars. smile.gif
31 Oct 2009
I have been thinking about ordering a couple of new albums, and one of them got the name of the album and then "- Digi" written after it. but It costs just as much as the same album but without the "- Digi" after it.

So what's the difference? smile.gif
5 Oct 2009
I just got my Schecter Hellraiser C-7, and after I played with it a couple of hours I start to hear crackle from the amp when I turn in the volume knobs. Any idea what the problem can be? It works perfect with my other guitar on the same settings.

This guitar is btw an replacement for the other one which I had to send back because of this same problem, Same guitar but with a Floyd Rose bridge.
1 Sep 2009
I got my POD today, and finished everything but one thing. I have no idea how I get the guitar sound to go through my speakers.

I am connected by USB and when I tried to record with Reaper it worked, except there was no sound, but I saw it get recorded. What should I do?
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