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16 Aug 2016

I have always been on the hideout to find a PRS Torero Amethyst. It perfectly adds to my Telecast 22", Seymour Duncans since it has all that my lovely Tele has not. Active EMG 81 and 60 PUs, Floyd Rose, 24 Jumbo Frets and a totally different style.

And somehow I fell in love with that purple finish. Anyhow, official price is somewhat 1.600€. Hence I was searching for a used one but it's a limited version and not a lot is on the market.

Today, I made my random check of prices and saw that there is one in my LOCAL musicstore (who would have thought so) that goes for 900€. It seemed to be my lucky day, so I rushed and grabbed my phone and they first said price was reduced due to the guitar being out of their exhibition. Still 700 € is quite a lot of saving. I told the guy to back it up so that I can check it (it was the only model at that store though it is a huge one).

When I arrived I was already too excited. But here came the good news: Guitar was freshly packed never opened. Exhibition was a wrong information and it was also no B product. I tried it out again and could not find any optical nor mechanical or "soundy" defects.

Pulled the credit card and made myself smile for today smile.gif here she goes... by the name of Laura tongue.gif

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14 Aug 2016

just stumbled across this page for custom guitars.

Great to just play around and experiment with different designs. It is still not too costly and you have all the options you need.

Any experiences with those custom guitars in the forum?

*was always my dream to open a custom guitar shop. but there are too many already :/
14 Aug 2016
Hey GMC,

somehow all youtube links record session seem not to work.

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It links to youtube main page.

Any idea? Flash player and browsers are up-to-date

1 Aug 2016
Hey GMC,

lately I noticed my musical taste is changing somehow. Does not mean that I don't like the heavier stuff that I used to hear and will still hear a lot, but I also start to really dig into other genres. Maybe Im getting older wink.gif

I came up with lessons such as:

Im really amazed by this groovy bluesy funky guitar style. Now to my question. Does anyone have bands using similar styles? We are all trying to explore new music when we get rid of something, so maybe you can to open a new chapter wink.gif

28 Jul 2016
Hey hey,

actually I know there are lots of threads concerning audio recording. But since I have some specific needs and already a little equipment on site I would like to here your opinion.

A few years back I invested into a Shure SM57 and E-MU 0404 audio midi interface to directly record my amp sound. I was not too happy with the results, but this was due to my poor mastering / recording skills. But even worse, my neighbours hated me for crunching up my amp to get a proper sound.

Now, a good friend advised me to check out 2 Notes Torpedo Reload -

It combines a load box, re-amping unit as well as a power attenuator. So from what I understand a setup could look as follows:

Guitar -> Torpedo Reload -> AMP
-> cabinets / monitors
-> Audio Interface -> DAW

With this kind of setup I am able to record just via head phones but simulate a fully cranked up amp and it still provides the typical amp sound? As well as modify recorded samples properly in DAW softwares?

What is your opinion here? Is it worth investing 700 € for that tool? Most probably that would be all that i need to invest since I already have the E-MU as audio interface. I assume it could be used, couldn't it?

Are there any alternatives?

Thanks for any advise in advance. This stuff is new and quite confusing to me! wink.gif


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