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21 Sep 2017
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Something to share with GMC, here.

So, all those studio desks are quite expensive. But as I got GAS - gear aquisition syndrome - I had to build a simplified version for myself.

So quite easy setup and the rack is not filled yet. It is supposed to contain 4 height units and most probably besides the Scarlett i8i20, some tube amp and a compressor limiter.

Right now I cannot finish the wiring of my monitors as well as the whole interface as I am missing cables in correct length.

What do you think? A little upgrade to before smile.gif
5 Sep 2017
Hopefully noone has posted this guy so far, but I am so impressed. Actually I like the match of his voice and guitar sounds sooo much.

What do you guys think?

21 Aug 2017
So, a good friend and our vocalist is thinking about upgrading his basic "bed room studio" to a more advanced solution.

He is considering to buy a mic preamp for whole band recording as well as a new interface and some headphone preamp.
As he digged his Scarlett USB interface, following models are considered:

Invests for power supply and headphone preamp are less high and not considered.

How do you think will this improve over his current USB interface I think a scarlett 2i2.

From what I know I would assume that preamps built in to USB interfaces are quite good nowadays, but our vocals recording really miss quality of the pure vocal signal.

As the scarlett octopre is also not offering a tube preamp, there is only one major advantage which is the compression for each channel as well as the AD-/DA-transistor.

Wouldnt the scarlett 18i20 as an audio interface serve similar purposes? I am not an expert, but I cannot find the difference why it would make sense to buy the scarlett octo as a preamp.

Any thoughts?
19 Aug 2017
Hey there,

I could not find any thread relating to this site:

It is quite a detailed guide on how to build your home recording studio. Quite a lot of information will be known to most of you, but it is totally great for beginners and give the full picture.

The guy wanted to make this guide accessable to every musician - so even the broke ones. You can download the whole guide and choose what you want to pay - may it be a single dollar. Just pay attention it is set to 99$ on default, but you can just change the value.

Hope it's helpful to some of us smile.gif

15 Aug 2017
So I played soccer for 15 years of my life, but past three years I was too busy doing whatever. Today I went for my first training. Felt wonderful to get my ass moving a little bit. As matter of fact after three minutes on the court I looked upon the nice, german, blue sky to receive a long curly ball.

Some smartass had the idea to pass another ball in parallel, which I of course did not see coming at all. It went "Boooom" and my hand just flipped over my wrist. And as god knows, it was the left hand. Bruised or sprained I am not sure yet.

Anything besides resting that I can do for quick recovery?

As said: we are not supposed to do anything in the free world with fresh air, sun or even other people - which is by far the worst tongue.gif


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