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19 Jan 2010
'Sup people? biggrin.gif

I've been thinking of buying a used bass guitar to play with my band, so i've been poking around on the net, and found a few instruments of interest...

which one of these is better in your opinion?

Stagg BC300-BK

Stagg B300-BK

Hohner Rockwood LX90B (couldn't find any real info on this one, but if reviews are to be trusted, a nice instrument...)

thanks people!
28 Apr 2009
Hi guys, I really wanna get into blues, and to really do it, I believe it's necessary to have a good understanding of blues rhythm guitar and harmony.

All the stuff I've been listening lately is just blues guys going crazy with the solos 90% of the time, with keyboards playing the harmony. SRV is an exception, but I'd like to start out with something a lil' bit simpler. smile.gif

Could you guys recommend me some blues music with (god, this is so stupid to say) a lot of rhythm played on guitar?? biggrin.gif ya know what I mean?

Blues, Blues-rock, Heavy blues, anything goes, as long as it has rhythm guitar.
4 Mar 2009
Note: This is only a concept for now, since I don't have the finances ATM to do the full mod, but some smaller things might be doable very soon.

The guitar I want to mod is a B.C.Rich Assasin QX6, which you can see in my gallery if you wish.
The guitar already has additional non-standard controls, like individual coil-taps and a reverse phase switch for the middle position (both pups). Very useful.

Now, these are all 2-way switches, and I was planning to replace the coil-tap switches with 3-way DPDT on-on-on switches so I could have the additional combination of individual parallel-wired humbuckers, so I'd get series/split/parallel switching. I already got these figured's easily doable.

The next thing I'm looking for is making the Megabucker mod - installing a switch to enable two Hums wired in series, in phase, while the pickup selector is in the middle, making one "huge" humbucker, which I think is very useful for extra power.

Now, my main question is: Is it possible to have just one switch for out-of-phase/normal/megabucker switching, or would i have to install another switch just to get the megabucker option? And is a combination of both out-of-phase and megabucker even possible? What kind of switch would I need for that?

( I also have plans of installing a GraphTech Piezzo bridge and preamp, with it's volume control and a 3-way switch for selecting magnetic/both/piezzo pickups. I would put the piezzo volume instead of the mag tone pot, and replace the mag volume pot with a push-pull pot to create a Vol-pot/tone-switch combo (a regular Vol pot, and when enabled, simulating a tone pot turned all the way down, since it's of no real use as a pot anyway).)

The mag pickups are staying the same, Rockfield Mafias, I just think they're fantastic.

This was a lot of writing for sure. What do ya think? Have any ideas 'bout the megabucker mod? If you know any helpful sites regarding these issues of mine, please direct me there biggrin.gif

P.S. If I this mod is possible, and when the peizzo is installed, it would give me a total of 67 combinations of pickups biggrin.gif
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