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26 Aug 2010

I've been playing guitar for 10 years but being so bad at fast picking I changed my picking technique 6 months ago.
During last months I have improved my right hand technique and syncronization a lot. I can play now songs I couldn't previously like some iron maiden solos. I have noticed durign this time it is more important to practice well than practice lota time.

Now, I'm trying again a lick I have been checking for ages, but it is really hard for me. It is played by yngwie in Far beyond the sun and can be seen at 0:35 and 0:56 in this video:

I see how I get stucked mainly when moving form third to fourth and fith string. I play the part on first 3 strings more or less ok.

I know I have to practice slowly, etc... but Is there any exercise, etc... that could bost my technique to allow me to play this song parts?.

Thanks in advance,
9 Apr 2009
Hi all,

I need some exercises for my right hind. I can´t mantain steady movement for 10 secs for example (if it is fast picking on a string it is much easy). So I would like to know some exercises to have a better right hand technique. There would be of help too if I someone could post some exercises to do steady picking between strings, I mean pick fast and do it in diferent strings. If anyone needs any other information (it could be I haven´t explained it too well) let me know and I will try to clarify it all smile.gif.

Thanks in advance,
13 Oct 2008
Hi all,

Today I tried to download some videos from work but I´m not able to do it. It seems my pass is not longer valid or something.

Could anybody have a look into it? I think I´m using my account for around 1 month and a half so it is not yet expired.

P.D: account name is "hexdump".

Thanks in advance,
30 Sep 2008
Hi all GMC friends,

I have been playing guitar pretty hard through this 2 past years (I´ve been playing guitar for 8 years, but it is now when I´m doing it seriously). Well, I think I´m not improving much, this is a problem for me because I enjoy playing guitar when I play things I like, and in the beginning I though, well, this song is hard, but sure I will do it in 2 or 3 years. Now I´m seeing I won´t be playing lota things now and that my tech is just... rubbish smile.gif. As an example I can´t do the 1234 exercise faster than 120 bpm.

I know speed is not the only thing, but it gets frustating when you can´t get any higher don´t matter how you try. So, I would like someone to tell me what can I do from here on. I know lota peopple has this same problems but don´t know how they fix them. In the other side I know I´m not verty talented at music. I have friends who started playing at same time and they have improve its tech pretty fast and they play really nice, but it is something I have assumed.

Thanks in advance,
14 Sep 2008
Hi all,

I´m in the process of buying a new guitar. My Ibanez RG has been with me during 7 years but now I notice it is poor at some points like sustain, tremolo, and sound on the highest frets (among other little things).

I like Ibanez sound, and when I saw the Ibanez RGT320Z I felt in love with it. I´m not an experimenced guitarrist and I´m not too much aware of all brands, prices, features, etc... but this guitar sounds extraordinary to me. Could anybody give any feedback about it? other options, etc...?

By the way this is the guitar: RGT320Z

Thanks in advance,
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