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Kill, burn. loot and repeat.
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5 Aug 2009
Hi, I've been away from GMC a long time now, but I was wondering if I perhaps should teach here.

The reason why I left is i feel there is a huge absence of downtuned stuff here, there's some but nothing that appealed to me at the time. I realise most people learning are doing so in standard tuning. But there's definatly like me that went "I'm gonna be a deathmetal guitarrist!" and just screwed the tuners until they went spagetti on me.

There should be alot of people that feel this way too and therefore not join this, in my opinion great community.
There might be a policy or something that prevent the teachers from doing downtuned stuff, I haven't seen it if that's the case.

So what I am able to offer this community?

I was thinking lessons in tunings ranging 1-3 steps down.
I have everything needed to make really good lessons I believe.
I have produced ALOT of songs within this style of lessons.
I have some skills in mixing/mastering and I would gladly help anyone with their very own productions.

Here's 2 covers I've made and I was thinking of doing lessons in this style but of course not only that even I occasionally make Ballads laugh.gif

To simulate the quality of my sound I'll probably will get here:

For regular Quality:

I would give some pointers of growling if anyone would want it smile.gif

I know Lian Likes this stuff! biggrin.gif

I just wanted to get some input on this before I would even apply.

Thanks for reading!
3 Sep 2008
Hi all finally i took my time to register for the site after Ive been peeking around on it for months tongue.gif So first I want to sort some of my sound problems out. The main problem i have is that i get an static sound when i play. I'm using TonePort UX2 and Revalver MK III/Amplitube 2 & Metal/Revalver MK II and Guitar Rig 3/2 (Differs from what i need to play, shred, rythm etc) same problem in all apps.

I live in an old house without Grounded powersources, perhaps this is the problem, the static lowers dramaticly when i put my hand on the strings. Actually to lower the static i have an emergency soulution, I have and old audiocable connected from my computer to a radiator, sounds strange I know smile.gif

So do anyone think that grounding will be the solution to this?

What about DI BOX? Can I connect a DI BOX like this:"Dry Signal(Guitar) -> DI BOX -> INTERFACE -> AUDIOPROCESSING?; If that works, could that lower the static sound aswell?

And my last question, time to change strings so my question is what fits a GMC student. I use SkullStrings at the moment 11->58 And that is to thick for as high as standard tuning cause i really hurt my fingers on an 3h or more session. So 9s or 10s? And what brand? I sometimes need to tune as low as 3 steps down.

Sorry for this messy post hope you can understand some of it atleast:P

Looking forward to get to know you guys! wink.gif
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