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52 years old
Nottingham, England
Born June-11-1966
Music, music and more music. At moment my fav bands are Kamelot and Symphony X.
Running, cycling and going to the gym.
Trying to play the guitar.

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24 Sep 2008
I have watched Andrew's new "Note this Well" session for absolute beginners in which he goes through the A minor Pentatonic scale. I am trying this out and I can remember the notes okay but I cannot position my fingers over the frets like Andrew does. I also watch other GMC instructor videos and they all hover their hand in one position over four frets and the just go for it.

I try this technique and at the moment I catch on adjacent strings and I find that my index finger bends out and pushes down on the string on outside edge and I have trouble getting my had at right angles to the neck. I probably have the usual problems that instructors have seen many times with new starters in one to one sessions.

As a beginner, I would find it very beneficial if there were some videos that showed beginner fret fingering techniques and common problems (such as, problems stretching across the frets, angling the fretting hand to get the best hand stretch etc) and how to overcome them. I am trying to figure it all out but I cannot move forward because I spend more time trying to get my hand to stretch than trying to learn the notes in the scale.

I think it is what I have mentioned is not covered on GMC in any videos. I say this because all the GMC instructors are extremely proficient and so do not demonstrate beginner techniques and problems even when showing learner lessons.

Please put me right if there are already videos on GMC that help an absolute beginner to develop basic skills.

Thanks for your time.

21 Sep 2008
I have put a link below to a song by Kamelot off their Black Halo album.

A previous poster mentioned Symphony X and I think Kamelot should also get a mention.

I got into Kamelot through one of those "people who bought this also bought ......." links. It was from a Symphony X album. They are difficult to categorise but sound a mix between Power and Progressive Metal.

See what you think.
20 Sep 2008
Thanks for stopping by........

I am a massive fan of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. I have noticed that the production is touring in June 2009 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its release. The web address is below for anyone else interested.

Are there many GMCers out there who will be going to this?

This album is one of those from my youth that was on the turntable non-stop.

Thanks for you time.

15 Sep 2008
Hi all,

I bought a guitar about a month ago. I have always enjoyed rock music ( especially Michael Romeo and Jeff Loomis!) and I need a new hobby to occupy my mind as I have just finished an intensive university course. I decided to get a guitar and have a go and relax.

I don't suppose I should say this but I Don't think I can will get to a very high standard my hands are not very big or flexible. But I'll see what I can do. I have tried the F chord and I see what a challenge I'm in for (to do a Barre chord is a distant dream for me at the moment). Anyway my aim is to enjoy my new hobby and try to be the best I can.

I am working on some beginners chords and the A minor pentatonic scale to see if I can free up my fingers. I will look at learning some basic songs after a month or so on this. I would appreciate some of you more advanced player's suggestions on the best way forward and some recommended easy to play songs available on this site.

All the best and talk to you soon.
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