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23 Oct 2008
Hello, i have 2 questions.

1. Is it advisable to use the software "guitar speed trainer" ?

2. Should i use an electric or a mechanical Metronom?
Im using a mechanical at the moment but im unsure if its accurate enoght and its at least 20 years old.

10 Oct 2008
I have a question about the licks of the day..
Is there a way to browse past licks ?

i find it realy inspireing the idea of the lick of the day..
there could be a voting system and then at the end of the month
we could pick out the best one and making it the lick of the month,
but this is only a small direction in which im pointing i mean it would be nice if everyone would have a lick section in his profile.. maybe without videos or only with binding them to the site so the file server would not explode..
It would be motivating as well to show a little of our skills.

its only a small idea but for me at least sometimes they are inspireing. smile.gif

8 Oct 2008
Wouldnt it be nice .. if there is a place or a sortiment of backing tracks especial for certain music directions and of course musicians.
For example for guitarists, singers, bassists ?
It would easy up jamming and timing excercieses and many other things.
I dont know if its possible but it would be nice if they would be downloadable,
because you could mix it up in your favorite record program.

8 Oct 2008
my name is Pedro and im 25 years old.
I play guitar for about 7 years but until now it was just a thing without any goals
and i decided to change that, because music for me always was a world language for feelings.
Every one understands it. I have no special music direction. The only thing which is important to me is that it needs to be real. Ok... there is music i dont like.. Techno for example. So what realy is important to me is the message in the music.
But of course there are some guitar gurus i realy respect and i look up to.
for example Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash, Kirk Hammet, Jimi Hendrix (Not his technique but his improvisation talent), Van Halen,... and new to me is.. a very special guy.. which im allready thankful for his lessons.. Muris Varajic,....
In 2 days i enveloped more then in many months. And not only because of that.. his style and feeling is realy great wink.gif.

Ok maybe i introduce my guitar as well tongue.gif im realy proud of it. I have a Fender Stratocaster which is more then 20 years old and the tone is wow.. realy.. it was 10 years in the case and when i started to play i couldnt believe it.. it was perfectly in tune.. it has a non-interchangeable blues sound.. So thats what i did i just played 1 blues scale over and over again.
You cant imagine how much variations there are to play only 1 scale.. lol i tried some realy dificult things but i was not realy motivated i started some songs and ended up in finding new ones i would like to play. So Guitar playing for me was sadly only a 5 minutes escape from reality day by day. Now it changed i realy like playing hours on it.. but not only that.. i train.. i never did.. but now that i see it works.. if you go the right path you realy can get much better. Its only the path which matters.

So GMC is perfect for me. I can pick up what i need. Maybe i dont pefectly know what i need, but i found the right direction. Thanks to the GMC team.

PS: I often sleep with my guitar too tongue.gif

Greetz to all
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