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23 Dec 2008
Hey people i have just started to take an interest in flamenco guitar, i am completely new to it. I am good at fingerpicking i just cant seem to get around the strumming style and how to practice it to get it fluent. Can anyone recommend a way of practicing so that i can work on the right hand (my chord changes are fast enough for the style, its just the strumming). I have looked at the videos on here but i cant seem to find one that breaks the strumming down and shows you how to practice it because it seems like it involves strumming with individual fingers or something (flicks huh.gif ). Anyway any help would be very much appreciated smile.gif smile.gif . Thanks in advance
18 Oct 2008
Ok im sorry if this has been brought up a few times already but im trying to imprve the accuracy/ speed of my sweeps. I seem to be having trouble with this sort of arpeggio in particular (the A shape). The example ill use is the C major arpeggio that has the A shape.

2 1 4 4 4 2 4 4 4 1 2 (this should be directly under each note but for some
reason isnt)

Ok below the tab is the fingering that i am using for this arpeggio, please tell me if i am doing this wrong btw. I find it really hard to do the sweep with my little finger over 3 strings, any one got any advice on how to do the sweep using the little finger i.e. shud it be at a certain angle, shud it be flat etc

Thanks in advance

11 Oct 2008
Hey people can anyone recommend a decent multi effects pedal to experiment with? i been using stomp boxes and want to try a multi effect pedal to experiment with more sounds but dnt no which one huh.gif ? If anyone knows any websites which u cn get a deal on it wud b great 2 biggrin.gif

Thanks in advance smile.gif
10 Oct 2008
Hey guys am new here this is my first post in this section of the forum, just want some advice on where to start with theory, i know the basics (caged system, few intervals, notes on Bottom E and A and technically top E too laugh.gif , pentatonic scale). I basically want to start gettin serious with soloing and improvising and stuff like that and i think theory will help (correct me if wrong laugh.gif ).

Where should i start because i want to be able to look at the fretboard and know exactly what my fingers are doing and where they should be going instead of relying on scale boxes. Should i learn all the notes on the fretboard (if so how, i really struggle to concentrate when it comes to theory too sad.gif)

Any advice would be great - ooo also if someone could help ive been practicing my sweep picking for a while and want to know if im doing the technique right. Say you are starting on bottom E string and there is 2 notes on the same string would you alternate pick those too notes, pick both down or hammer on to the second note? huh.gif i currently use alternate pickin just for that and then carry on the sweep.

Thanks in advace smile.gif smile.gif

9 Oct 2008
Hey everyone my name is Stefano but you can call me Stef smile.gif

Been playin guitar for nearly 2 years now, i was receiving guitar tuition for about 1 year but stopped because i wanted to do things my way and it was expensive and i didnt seem to be progressing much with him. I came across this site basically because i heard of Kristopher Dahl (The nocturnal Vision song was what started all this off lol - its awsome) on Gota say this website is much better than paying £100 a month for guitar lessons lol.

Ok so abit about myself. Im 19 turning 20 soon, i would class my self as an intermediate guitar player but close to beginner when it comes to theory. I basically suck when it come to contruting music myself but when it come to playin peoples music i can do it fairly well (except for the real fast stuff lol)

I love metal, heavy metal, classic rock (black sabbath, iron maiden, led zeppelin etc) and instrumental stuff like satriani. And this is the kind of music i would like to play.

So what i really want to achieve is to be able to shred and do sweeps but also learn alot of theory coz im only limited to the pentatonic scale which is ok but i wana be really gud lol.

Accurate when it comes to both finger picking and using a pick (unless under pressure lol)
Very gud at alternate picking but speed is not what id like it to be
Gud vibrato and string bending technique
Gud hammer ons

oof where to start lol ok....
Very limited theory knowledge
pull offs suck (cant get the technique spot on)
Sweeps are fairly gud but not fast
cant shred to save my life and dont no where to start lol
Suck at contructing my own songs

Ok so theres a little about myself hope thats enough, i hope to progress well with this website and would quite happily take any suggestions on how to improve my weaknesses on board.

Anyways hope to hear from some of you because id like to get to know a few peopl on this site since im new and dont no anyone sad.gif lol

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welcome to GMC mate
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