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30 Nov 2008
Hi again!

Alright, I haven't posted alot yet, I haven't replied alot yet, nor have I posted any feedback yet due the lack of my personal experience as a beginning guitarist. Also I'm not sure if this is posted in the right section..
I'm member for, not so long yet, although I have got the feeling I'm familiar with this community for years! When I scroll trough the forums, everyone is helping eachother, everyone is polite and friendly, and alot of the members and teachers are more than talented, skilled guitarists!

So I want to take a little time for saying


Consisting of all its members, teachers, ... Thanks! I've learned so much here already, and am trying to advance on multiple terrains in the art of the guitar. My English ain't perfect, hence I'm Belgium, but I'm trying my very best to express myself! ^^

Anyway, I hope this community has got many years to go still!

Stijn aka Sh4d0w.

30 Oct 2008
A while ago, I made a thread about what to look at when choosing a guitar. Well, I followed the instructinos, been sitting there 3 hours in that room using and trying out different guitars, and voila, this is my choice!

Well, here is my new guitar!:

An LTD h-1001

And this is my new amplifier!

I first wanted to buy a marshall, but you can perfectly make some nice marshall sounds with it, as I compared it!!

<<very happy tongue.gif
16 Oct 2008
God, well yep, I'm offically labeled as a noob now, but I'm proud of it! tongue.gif

Anyways, since I got addicted to my guitar only 2 months ago, I still can't find a way to practice well.. And I'm getting tired of doing the same things all the time, which isn't alot.. Like a little riff of what, 3-5 power chords, a little solo, etc,... If anyone has got a good schedule for a beginner... Please post it here. I got about 3 hours and more free a day. But imagine that I've got like 2 hours.

My specs:
I am able to do:
-Hammer on's
-Pull off's, but they need alot practice still..
-Easy bending
-Power Chords
-Open Chords
-Barré Chords
(with power&barré, I don't know the letters for em.. So I base myself on tabs)
-1 scale lol, the blues one.. (58 57 57 57 58 58) and I fail to go trough it on high-speed, no clue how to train it..

I think that's about it..

Thanx in advance.
14 Oct 2008
Hi all again!^^

I'm planning to buy myself a new guitar, cause my first guitar I ever bought and am still using is starting to show some usage flaws. So, I was wondering, if I'm buying a new guitar, what should I look at then? Cause I'm not very good in the technical section of the guitar...

Also, if you can be specific with a guitar brand, a guitar even, please do let me know!

Thanx already!

14 Oct 2008
Hey there, Sh4d0w speakin'!

Just to introduce myself the classic way:

Hi, I'm Stijn ( pronounce it as Stan with a little bit longer lasting 'a' ) and I'm 16 years old since 3 weeks. I live in Belgium. I bought my first guitar, which I'm still using, 2,7 years ago. I started with private lessons, but those were mainly based on open chords, which became ''small'' power and barré chords. After I quit there, I had like a 'dead' period of half a year, trying to improve myself, yet failing continiously. After that I went to a school specialized in singing, drums, bass and guitars (classic, acoustic, electriq). That first season was so incredibly bad hence I was placed in the wrong group, so I actually already knew everything they teached in those classes..
Now, I'm still in the same school, for the second season (so obviously the one after that **bad word** previous one) and I finally am learning a little bit... But we get techniques in these classes aswell, whilst I have already learned alot of em myself. Currently I'm having trouble with the pinch harmonic, but I'll get there! My dad hadn't heard me in ages and thinks I've got talent, meh, I'm not sure about that yet! smile.gif

Soon I'm going to buy an Ibanez RG 350 EX, not sure of my choice yet though, if you have got any suggestions for someone who likes to rock, play metal and I'm starting to solo... Nearly able to play that ''John Petrucci Style Melodic Solo''. Ow, as a sidenote, I'm here since yesterday and at once I felt like I had to register on here, so much material, tutorials, videos, to learn from..

My motto is: Practice makes Perfect.

Please, if you need to know more about me, don't hestitate to leave me a message!

PS: Some people wonder if I'm really Belgian, 16 years old, YES I am. tongue.gif
PPS: Currently I'm sick, that's why I'm at home and not at school! ^^

Rock on.
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