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I am Donny de Vries from Holland (21 Years old). I have been playing guitar for about 2 and a half years now. I play in a alternative rockband called "Antius" ever since 2 months after I started. I live in a small dutch town (Schiedam), wich has its own local rock and roll café
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31 years old
Born June-9-1987
Music, guitar, keyboard, composing, webdesign
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23 Apr 2010
Hi guys!

Ive been arranging this song for some days now and I think it's coming out nice! It's a backing track meant voor a pink floyd like guitar solo. I currently don't have the recording gear to record the actual solo yet, but I wanted to know what you guys think of the track so far. It's supposed to be a build up, so it begins with a clean and subtile solo. Then slowly grow to a massive climax!


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16 Jun 2009
Hey guys smile.gif

I recently made this piece of artwork for my band:D. What do you guys think?
8 Jun 2009
Hey guys,

Lately my band has been discussing a new name for our band. While looking on wikipedia I sumpled across an article about "Luna1", the first spaceprobe to venture to the moon. Since my band Is kinda a Spacerock styled band, I thought this was a suiting name. BUT WAIT!.... THERE's MORE! ohmy.gif

Right now the drummer and vocalist are discussing wethere the name should become "Luna One" or "Luna 1".
My singer says numbers in your bandname are cheap. The drummer states that "Luna 1" is shorter, and easier to read and write. huh.gif

So here's the final question to YOU....
Wich one do you think is better? And why?
I could really use some help here, or things will get bad! Im already searching for new guitarists and drummer out of precaution (A)

Thanks in advance!


PS: Excuse me if this is the wrong topic for this. I could'nt find any other topic that suited this question unsure.gif
21 May 2009
Hey guys,

This is a new song i have been working on for the last couple of days. It still needs lyrics tho, but the structure and sound is pretty much there. It has been mad with Guitar Pro (with RSE), so I recorded it to Mp3. So keep in mind that these are not real instruments smile.gif.

Tell me what you think! And tips are welkom wink.gif.
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15 May 2009
Hi guys,

Lately I have been practicing a new way of picking, because my old technique was not very effective.
I used to have my pinky, ring- and middlefinger stretched open and clenched to the body of my guitar. I did this to have some coördination over my strings, but it limited my movements. Both Pedja and Muris told me it was better to have you picking hand floating over the body, rather than clenched to the body to give more freedom to move my picking hand.

Indeed there were right, and my hand feels alot more free this way. The only problem I have now, is that my coördination sucks since I started this new technique sad.gif. I have been hitting the wrong strings more than I used to... Esspecially when doing string skipping and picking chords. I feel like a total beginner again. So my question is.. How do you guys get the coördination of your right hand stabil?

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