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9 Jan 2009

ok this is gonna be hard to explain, but I, like alot of people, am having some toruble tapping, but more specificaly:

string skipping arpeggios are about the only thing i cant get cleanly, here is what i have done,

i noticed that robbert hanenberg, arp tap master, flicks his tapping finger back on ascending apreggios, so i did it too, and it cleaned me up some, but not to the point where i would like, and i have practiced a ton.
on the way down, however, the middle string always rings out no matter how small my motions are, or how accurately i am hitting the frets, and this happens especially on high frets.

i have tried soooo many ways to tap, and i basically just need to get rid of some string noise. can you please, in as much detail as you can, tell me how your fingers, left and right hand, are hitting the strings and releasing during ascending/descending tapping arpeggios and runs? I can not seem to find help anywhere else, and i feel as though you may be one of the only people who can give me an answer judging by your fusion improv video on youtube (awesome)

btw update: my alternate picking has increased severely thanks to your reply to my other post, and in like 5 days! i went from pretty much economy picking to sextuplets (6 notes per BEAT) at around 180 on a straight descending or ascneding scale, and about 150 on more complex licks. thanks alot!

3 Jan 2009
I have been wondering alot about the mechanics and ideology behind choosing strict alternate picking over economy picking when it comes to 3 note per string runs. I dont mean to bash on alternate picking, but why do some guitarists, such as yourself, seem to prefer strict alternate picking, even when economic picking is simpler?

In Extreme Neo Classical, I was wondering why you dont rip out the crazy 3 note per string runs, such as the one in video 1, and the long one after the diminished arpeggio descent, with economy picking?

For me, I practice alternate picking on 2 and 4 note groups, and economy on 3 note per string groups. Then, last of all, I practice 1 and 3 note per string alternate picking. Do you see any problems with this, or adivse differently? I ask you because you are, to me, literally, along with michael romeo, one of the best and most versatile guitarists I have seen. I practice almost exclusively your lessons. Thanks man,

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