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29 Jan 2010
Ive just started getting into home recording, I have cubase SX3 and Guitar rig 4. I've used cubase to record with my amp before, but getting guitar rig to work properly together im having trouble with. Guitar rig 4 works great on its own, can get some nice tones with just plugging my guitar into my soundcard, and recording an unaltered guitar signal and then using the GR plug-in in cubase to add effects works fine. But when I open GR4 and then cubase, cubase gives me an error saying my SBlive! wave device could not be opened, and I get no input signal for recording. And if i open cubase first then guitar rig, then guitar rig doesnt give any output. Im guessing they are competing for the soundcard, drivers etc so does anyone know a way around this? Its just I need to be able to record the guitar tone in real time and not have to add it later

cheers all
18 Jan 2010
Just a piece ive been working on, guess you could say some prog metal influences like opeth, between the buried and me etc and some jazz fusion

maybe a little more work on the leads in some places, other than that i like the way it sounds

and one more thing, the first riff i've put in as 6/8 but should it be in 4/4 or 12/8? I put it in 6/8 as it was in 4/4 originally but everything was in triplets so 6/8 makes it compound time and all 16th notes (i thought this was the only reason to put things in 4/4) but someone told me this riff is definatley 4/4 or 12/8 so I dont really know.

would appreciate some feedback - if you enjoyed anything, and some improvements! thanks guys
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2 Dec 2009
Just an improvised jam over a guthrie govan backing track... ive been working on improv lots lately - tell me what you think smile.gif

and of course, some ways to improve!

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20 Nov 2009
I would say on average I play guitar around 4-5 hours a day with a schedule, but sometimes in excess of 8-10 hours. Ive been playing for 7 years and about 2 of those seriously with a schedule. I also lift weights 2-3 times a week and also use the pc a fair bit.

Just over 2 weeks ago (I cant really remember when it started) I noticed a slight pain in my right wrist when I pushed myself up from a chair, I didnt think anything of it and carried on with everything. Then a few practice sessions later I really noticed a weird pain in my wrist so I had to stop playing. I'm sure many of u know that the thought of not playing guitar for a while is just a really hard one to accept, and I hadnt really considered it but after this practice session i realised my wrist wasnt right so had to stop. I havnt played for over a week now, no weights and no use of the mouse with my right hand. The pain in my wrist isnt painful, it just twinges a little discomfort if i put it into a certain position and lets me know its still there, but i know playing on it could just make it worse. Also putting weight on it, like doing a push up on the floor is pretty much impossible so it makes me wonder if its RSI or something else like injury from weights or RSI from using the mouse.. im seeing the doctor next week, but i guess the only thing hes going to say is rest it!

Anyone had any problems with this type of thing before? how long do u think i'll be out of action? its depressing me so much cos i cant play! just want it to heal
6 Nov 2009
Hey muris, just got a theory question that was troubling me while improvising over this Guthrie jam track - Im guessing you know it.. its got the free backing track available to download from

Well the chord progression goes Dm9, Bbmaj7, Gm9, Ebmaj7, D7 then repeats Bbmaj7, Gm9, Ebmaj7 and ends with a Dm9.

So my first thoughts are D aeolian, with 1 flat, that fits the first 3 chords. Then Ebmaj7 comes in with Bb and Eb and so i replaced the E with an Eb.. which i now realise thats D phrygian, or would it be called Bb major? im not really sure

then the D7 part has a Gb in it and a C natural so D mixolydian mode seams to fit there..

the only thing is.. because its in a fusion style its hard to tell whats right and wrong when playing because chromatics sound good etc.. but sometimes it just seams that things dont always fit? am i missing something or have i got something wrong here?

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