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Tono Fyr
30 years old
Savannah, GA, USA
Born June-28-1988
Heavy metal in all it's incarnations. Table top and live action role playing games. My girlfriend.
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3 May 2009
Myself and a couple of buddies were driving back from an Amon Amarth show yesterday, and on he course of our 4 hour drive, we started devising a system which would determine how metal you are. I'm not sure precisely how high numbers will go for the average metal head, so I'm attempting to see how it works out.

Metal Points System.
1 for ever year you've listened to metal
1 for every 10 metal albums you own
1 for every 50 metal albums you have downloaded
1 for every metal vinyl
1 for every metal show
1 for every 100 miles traveled for a show (return trip is not a factor)
1 for every shirt obtained at a metal show
1 for every 3 picks obtained at a metal show
1 for every drumstick obtained from a metal show
1 for each piece of signed metal paraphenalia
1 for playing an instrument
1 for playing in a metal band
1 for playing live with said band
1 for each demo this band has released
2 for each full length album available on a metal record label

2 if you ever saw Death (or any other band defunct through member death) live
2 if you saw Metallica before 1990

And here's an example of how it works out for me -

4 - years
26 - CDs
13 - shows
25 - miles traveled
12 - shirts
5 - picks
7 - signed stuff
1 - instrument
1 - band

personal total - 94

If you guys have any ideas for the "Special" 2 pointers towards the bottom, let's here 'em. Also, constructive feedback is win.
19 Mar 2009
This is probably a bit selfish of me, but I'd really like to see a lesson in the style of Gojira, particularly like the stuff off From Mars To Sirius.

It seems like to me you're trying to improve the riff skills of the GMC community, and I feel like a Gojira lesson would be a very big step in that direction.
19 Mar 2009
I realize hat parts are really sloppy (mostly the sweeps), but I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts oher than "clean up here and there" ?

Also, thanks in advance for watching guys.
5 Mar 2009
So, me and a friend of mine went to this concert, see. We met and hung out with the guys from pirate metal band Alestorm for quite some time, and we also got to hang out with the guys from Faroese folk metal band Tyr. Well, there was another show in Tallahasse the night after next, so we resolved to go, and we did.

It was fantastic. I hung out with the guys from the aforementioned bands the whole night, and I even got to drive two of my personal guitar heros (Heri Joensen and Terji Skibanaes) to Whattaburger. I then got to have a discussion with Heri about Blind Guardian.

It was definitively the most epic thing ever. The only way something could top it would be driving BG around.

They were a bunch of cool guys, too. iIf you've never heard either band, you should check 'em out.

Edit: sorry about the language.

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11 Jan 2009

I'm just fishing for some thoughts right now. The third riff I've tried without using it as an arpeggio (using the same chords, but eight notes, or gallops), but I'm uncertain if it even needs to be changed.

Could anyone give me some thoughts on this? I'd really appreciate it!
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