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3 Feb 2010
Hey everyone

I recently bought a humidifier for my apartment, I am concerned that the rapid change in humidity will warp the neck on my guitar. Its unfinished goncalo alves with ebony. I know some people prefer to humidify rooms with instruments. Any ideas?

4 Jan 2010
Hey everyone!

This semester i barely had any time to play guitar and by finals week had almost forgot that i enjoyed playing! Anyway this winter break I've been enjoying leisure time rivaled only by times in high school. I have literally everyday to do whatever i want but what is there to do? OH YEAH i play guitar and have upwards to 5 grand invested in instruments, amps, recording equipment, and pedals.

In High School I had plenty of time to do whatever i wanted (public school) and i tried to learn music theory but just didn't have the dedication or attention span. You really never learn HOW to learn until you go to college, at least that is how i feel I'm sure its different for everyone. But, in High School everything if spoon fed to you, everything is repeated numerous times almost to the point where you have to be sound asleep not to learn in class.

Contrasting this, college is exponentially more difficult as things are said once and you are responsible for remembering it (which in my opinion is ridiculous as i have terrible memory). So where does that leave college students? I think it leaves them with either with the desire to succeed or give up entirely. AND if you chose to try and succeed you need to learn to learn form reading text books and making sense of it.

How does this all relate to music? Well, I could never understand why i wasn't getting better in High School and it had to do with the motivation and skill set related to continuing to learn about music. I would just play the same pentatonic scale over and over again and expect to get better. Since I've been home I've studied Andrews Theory Lessons like i would study for Geology or say, French and it has broadened my understanding of music more than any other time i can remember.
12 Sep 2009
Hey guys

I was wondering if anybody might have some suggestions how to improve my timing and rhythm, I have practiced with a metronome but im a bit confused on how to break certain riffs up to count with the metronome
10 Sep 2009
Hey, Im a sophomore in college and have been playing guitar for a number of years. last year i met a few people in college who play guitar, mainly two kids by the names of Connor and Paul. Over the summer I built a Warmoth guitar and practiced often in the hopes of catching up to Paul as he was better then i. So when i returned to college i felt as if i was close to playing like him, but not quite.

The other night we all decided to meet up and jam out a little bit, me Connor and Paul that is. So I pull out my fully customized Warmoth guitar in complete confidence and start to do a solo over Connors rhythm playing.

When i stopped the kid literally laughed at me. and said "That was SOOO out of tempo"

and i admit it, it was.. i have no experience with playing in a band, just over backing tracks.

Before this incident i vowed to never let anyone play my guitar; everyone has that guitar thats is... well you know... like a girlfriend; you just don't share them. I was actually pretty humiliated after Connors offensive interjection, humiliation is something that doesn't happen too often to me, so in complete submission i handed my guitar over to Paul completely contradicting my vow of faith (haha).

He played and everyone complimented him for how well he can play the blues... yeah great... whatever.... so a little bit later we're about to leave and on my way out i ask Paul, "hey man ill learn a song and we can play it you know?" to which he responded "just learn the blues man" in rebuttal i said "i know the blues" and he said "well learn it good then"

So after that second wise*** comment i made another vow........ to practice so much that when i go back there and play with those kids..... I will play so good and so fast and awesome that i will literally melt their faces off.... BUT i need your help!!! I recorded two guitar solo's over a backing track just the first two takes, nothing special that i did six hundred takes on to make it perfect.... i figured it would give a better cross section of my guitar playing

Attached File  erolling_blues.wav ( 45.17MB ) Number of downloads: 219

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6 Sep 2009
hey everyone

i have a question regarding bends; i can bend the string to the proper pitch, thats covered. the problem lies with somehow hitting unneeded strings. When i go do a bend the string above the one im bending is either pushed up with it or it manages to go ontop of my bending fingers and when i release the bend it snaps back to the fretboard making obnoxious noise. what is the proper way to bend?
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