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18 Mar 2009
I bought myself a ISP Decimator since my new H&K Switchblade 100w head makes this sound that makes me think of trains "choo"ing when im not playing. people told me to get this, and since i just spent that mutch money on a great amp, i was gonna do the same on a great noise gate. but it feels like its not working correctly..

so here is what i did:
connected head to cab
guitar to decimator to head
turned on everything and sett the amp to where it should be when the band have rehearsals
turned on the decimator and put it to where it stopped the "choo"ing sound while just muting the strings with guitar volume on full

now, while i was playing, i noticed that the "choo"ing continued like half a sec after muting the strings, wich irritated me abit, but at least it did something. but then when i did a powercord in the middle of a song we are going to play, and the length of the tone was drastically shortened.

i bought it to get rid of 1 problem, but now i fixed 1 halfway, and got a new problem as well. is this what i payed for or is something wrong? something i could do to make it work better?

as said, im using a H&K Switchblade 100w head and emg's on my guitar. please help, not long before our first gig and i want at least the sound to be as good as possible.
7 Feb 2009
on thursday (on my birthday) my brand new Hughes and Kettner Switchblade 100w head was shipped (as said in the original thread) and i LOVE IT!:D its exactly the sound i wanted!! im so happy^^

BUT! when i got home, i noticed it didnt have any headphone slot, wich is something i thought all amps had, and i will not be able to play on it until i buy a cab.. but some guy told me i could just put a headsett through the outputs to the cab, is this possible or would this destroy something? the amp has 4 and 16ohm mono and 8ohm stereo
22 Jan 2009
My current gear list is this:

B. C. Rich Warlock (metal pack guitar, with a -81 EMG addition)
MT-2 Metal Zone pedal
Guitar Port 2.0 (with Gearbox, Rifftracker and Audiocity)
A Nylon guitar with bent neck.
An unnamed 10W amp with no brand:S
Gigbag (just to make the list abit longer and more impressive:P)

Until now, this has been perfect for me, i just used my warlock on the guitar port when i play at home, and take with me the MT-2 pedal to practice. But soon enough i will play gigs with my band, and then i would want to bring my own gear. My band is also starting to practice at a soundstudio our other guitarist has, and it would be nice to have my stuff there aswell.

I play metal and would like something with the sound of Killswitch or Dethklok. Something with much power, clean enough sound to distinguish the tones from eachother. I like fast melodic riffing:P
I have been thinking of getting a Krank Revolution Series 1, but my band want me to buy Mesa Boogie something, but it cost twice as mutch. I have also been told that i should just get a Pod x3 Live and use that with a clean amp, but i dont know what would be the best.

I'm from Norway, so i got 15.000kr (about 2.200$ or 1.700Euro) i "could" increase it to 30.000kr (about 4500$ or 3400Euro) but i should stay within the first sum.

Could someone help me with this? I have been stuck with this for a long time now:P
It's going to be used for practice and gigs, and soon for school (I'm going rock/metal at a school for the next year)
21 Jan 2009
hello people!

im a 22 year old guitarist from norway. im wery into several metal genres, but enjoy alot of jazz, blues and stuff like that. i havent been blessed with riches, so i only got a cheap warlock (metal pack beginner guitar)
the guitar is 5 years old, but still as good as ever, been treating it real nicely (couldnt afford to loose it:P)

i have been playing guitar for about 10 years now. i was wery eager to try out that interesting instrument some people had, but i werent alowed to try because they feared i would break it or something. but someday when i was in 7th grade, a teacher asked me to try playing. he used 45 minutes and teached me a simplified version of the beginning of "Stairway To Heaven" and thats when i knew i should be playing the guitar.

I learn really fast, but before i got here on GMC i only learned songs. no lessons/exercises. and i couldnt afford a guitar teacher. now that my economy have started growing, im about to buy myself a new guitar and some powerfull amps, and sit down everyday practicing new stuff from this site.

i play in a band, called exerior atm (changing frequently, still in beginner fase) im a rythm guitarist. i like playing heavy riffing with melodic feelings, but i lack the skill of improvising and creating music. i have never done something my way, only other peoples way. i was introduced to this site by a new guitarist in our band.

my favorite band is killswitch engage, and i like pantera, all that remains, dethklok, tool, opeth and bands like that. not wery into death/dark metal, even though im norwegian:P but mostly technical music is my thing.

my goal as a musician is:
- being able to create music that i like
- playing gig's
- have a hobby to love for the rest of my life
- teach other people to play like pro's, when i one day can be called a pro
and if possible, be able to live for the music, but thats my final goal:P

if i missed something, please tell, and il add more info|=) happy shreddin'
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