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19 Mar 2009
Ok i've been playing this song

but i can't seem to get the same sound that the guy does... i do the hammer on thing (E to A), but the strumming sound... where it is kinda scratchy when he plays the E... can't seem to mimic it...

Any advice to mimic that effect?

21 Feb 2009
I have a set of klipsch speakers 4 speakers + the subwoofer, they use the standard home stereo speaker connection.

I also have a podxt live, is it possible to interface these equipment together? Would it sound good? Or am i better off buying a new amp.
20 Feb 2009
I'm trying to come up with a riff/melody for two songs:

Chris Tomlin - Kindness
Tab - Video

Wish i had something for this, but i'm totally stuck huh.gif
Also kind of stuck on the strumming pattern, i can kinda match it, but its not totally accurate.

David Crowder - Wholly Yours
Tab - Video

We don't use a capo, so i'm guessing this is in the key of C.

For the verses of Wholly Yours I've got:


Small riff after C is played


Thanks! I'll post any progress i make with these buggers. dry.gif
18 Feb 2009
I've never really recorded via midi (only USB) and i'm curious as to what cable do i need to record via midi using podxt live... i'm guessing midi to usb? or do i need a special soundcard to go midi to uhhh?

From what I understand its better to record in midi to manipulate and what not? I'm somewhat confused on the advantages of recording midi... sad.gif

14 Feb 2009
I'm using the KORG MA-30. I have it set at:
Beat: 1
anything above 60 BPM and i start getting confused when playing... i can play the speeds fine in guitar pro... but when i use the metronome i'm not sure if i'm playing it at the right time and get lost.... is this ok? Or should i just keep at it?
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