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3 Mar 2009
Yup just listened to this, nice song to lsiten to b4 bed haha.

at 2:20 it blows my mind lol.


G'night all.
25 Feb 2009
Hello all,

I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. BUt before i get into that, i guess ill do a bit of a back story, just so you can kind of get to know me and my story for playing.

I started to play guitar my freshman year of Highschool. I always wanted to play, i mean my dad would listen to Van Halen, and Erik Johnson and i would just think about how i wish i could play so smooth and just plain amazing. WHen i started to play Freshman year, i sucked. Haha, no surprise, but i didnt want to fail the class so i practiced and practed eventually getting my grade up to a B. I started to really enjoy it, so i took it again next year, and i eventually took it all 4 of my years in HS. Now what happened was i started to only play because it was an easy class i could pass. I had gotten quite good. BUt i felt like i didnt wanna play, and it was only for school, so i didnt play over the summer, i played a few minutes like every month, but it was like just playing a few chords then i was done.

Now i want to actually play, not for school classes, but as a hobby and to get where i want to be able to play.
I realized i wanted to play again while listening to John Mayer, he really inspired to start playing again. Anywho, my problem is that i feel like a robot, I currently did Ivan's penatonic workshop, just the beginner first one, and my problem is that i for the life of me cannot htink of my own licks or solos. I feel just stuck to playing the scale like how it is. I lost all my creativity. And what bothers me the most is that i can hear what i want in my head but i cannot play it. So my question is, is there a way to surpass this. Im assuming it's just going to be practice with back trackings and such, ive tried, i just feel like i can only mimick other peoples playing..

BTW im 19, so HS wasnt that long ago lol. And for reference my inspirations are, Van halen, Eric Johnson, John Mayer and Eric Clapton.
10 Feb 2009
Hello Ivan

Since ive been at GMC, for about 3 days only haha, the only lessons i have used are yours. The beginning blues solo, and mostly the penatonic workshops, those have helped be greatly and i wanted to say thank you.

I was listening to Brian Setzer today, and i was like hmm.. He has a cool rockabilly bluesy style. So i came here to ask if you could possibly do a lesson around the style of Brian Setzer. I think that would be an awesome lesson.
9 Feb 2009
Hello all

Just having joined this site, has inspired me to start playing again and how would you say, start taking my playing serious.

I have 2 amps. Not very good ones imo. I have a crate amp, from about 3-4 years ago. It is a 60 watt i believe. And i have a spider 2 amp. I just dont htink its my thing. I think im going to sell both and buy a decent fender amp. I want a tube amp, but my knowledge of tube amps is well, very little. My style is blues. I love the John Mayer solo'ing sound aslong with his rhythm sound. STV is another and eric clapton. So my question is which amp to get. I believe with the two ill sell and a little more money ill have maybe 400-500$ I also thought of buying the boss BD-2 pedal, and maybe grabbing an ibanez tubescreamer. I just need an amp. Any help would be awesome thank you.

Another question, my guitar is a PRS, just the SE version. I thought of maybe, getting a strat but im unsure. Should i keep the PRS or sell it for a strat?

Thanks again

9 Feb 2009
Hello all at GMC

My name is Kai Gibson. I am 19 years old. I am currently living in California. I was born in Pordenone, Italy. Italia woot! Gonan be Brazil on tuesday! Ha, anyays, i don't mean to offend anyone if they like brasil. Anywho, i've been playing guitar for about 4 years. Not serious though, just here and there, i took guitar every year in highschool though. I joined t his site well beacause it looks to be the best on the net with the best community, so i hope to have some fun here and learn from the best.

Thank you!

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