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10 Mar 2009
Hi GMC forum!

As the topic reads, I'm looking for a versatile amp suitable for multiple genres and situations. It will be my 2nd amp purchase after my currently used starter/practice amp Marshall MG15DFX.

I'll be traveling to Germany on April 4th to visit the "Musikmesse" in Frankfurt, an international trade fair for musical instruments and stuff. All the big (and many small) players will be there, so I can try a couple of products of different manufacturers. What I'm hoping to get from you guys is some advice which models to test.

I try to give you guys as much info as possible. If I forgot something or you just want to know more, let me know.

Reasons why I like to upgrade the MG15DFX:
  • No FX loop
  • No foot switch
  • "Ballsier" sound if that makes any sense
  • New gear is fun rolleyes.gif
  • If practicing goes well, I might be able to join my first garage band in autumn or winter '09 so I was told I need a bit more punch to compete with drummer and others. No first hand experience on that yet.

Gear I use at the moment, besides the amp of course:
  • PRS Custom 22 (2 humbuckers)
  • Line6 M13 (multi fx floor board)

New amp will be used for:
I guess this is the most important thing, hence I need something flexible. Because of my diverse interest in music, I don't want to limit myself to one style, if that is possible. (List in order of importance)
  1. Rock
  2. Country
  3. "Old school metal"*
  4. Blues

* To me, that is the more melodic stuff with no or very little shouting. I'm no expert in that area, I just like bands like GnR, AC/DC, Maiden, Scorpions, Manowar, Metallica. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is all not the high gain stuff that is used by many "modern" metal sub-genres and bands.

Okay, now for the other requirements of the amp:
  • FX loop to make best use of the M13 which I really like
  • Foot switching possible (guess that is true for most good amps)
  • Budget is up to 2500 Euro total (=for combo or head+cab)
  • New or used, fine with either one
  • Should be usable for jamming with a small band, the first (small) gigs (should I ever get there huh.gif ), and - if possible - for playing at more or less neighbor-friendly volume in my appartment. If the last thing is not possible, just forget the idea. Priority is on band play.

Thoughts so far: (from reading forum, talking to friends, watching youtube, etc.)
  • 2 boxes at 20kg each are easier to transport than 1 box at 35kg, giving the head+cab an advantage. Only got that impression by lifting some in stores. No actual experience since I don't own any of those yet.
  • Multiple channels are a big plus, I guess. How do you switch them with effects in practice, say between intro and main part of a song? Do you need to hit the channel switch and then the knobs on the effect board? Sounds like stomp acrobatics to me. blink.gif
  • 2x12" speakers seems to be the most practical solution after reading on the subject. Kinda got away from the 4x12" idea (Power! cool.gif ) I first had when visiting some stores. I know there are a lot of different preferences for 1x12" or 4x12", and I'm still open for suggestions, not set on 2x12".
  • "Style" is not that important, I like the look of both vintage and modern style.
  • Read on the forum about some amps' capability to change output power, e.g. 15/30W or 50/100W. That sounds pretty cool to me for flexibility, but I don't know how a strong point that is.
  • Build quality (materials, crafting) is important to me, even though I handle all my stuff with great caution. I want something that lasts.
  • I guess built-in effects are not that important since I got all kinds of effects on the M13.

Current list of potential amps: (from sticky, other postings, friends. Alphabetical order)
  • Engl Blackmore E650
  • Fender Deluxe
  • Fender Hot Rod
  • Fender Twin
  • Hughes & Kettner Switchblade
  • Hughes & Kettner Trilogy
  • Hughes & Kettner TriAmp
  • Laney Lionheart
  • Marshall 6100
  • Marshall JVM 410
  • Mesa Boogie 5:50
  • Orange Rockerverb
  • Vox AC30CC(H)
  • Vox AC30H(H)

Okay, that's it. Thanks for reading if you made it here. laugh.gif
I greatly appreciate any thoughts on the subject, be it general advice, tech stuff, or experience to cut down or expand the list (or even both). I hope I gave enough information and put it in a somewhat readable format. Since it's me wanting help from you, I gladly help you helping me by answering any questions you might have.

Rock on!
4 Mar 2009

yesterday, I signed up here after watching the canon video lesson by Trond.

I'm from Switzerland, playing guitar for about 6 months now. I'm what some people might call a "gear freak" (=I can't play but at least the stuff I can't play with looks good). Reason is I like fine craftsmanship and engineering, so I wander the music store admiring all the nice things they have. Also, I can't blame the equipment for my mistakes that way. smile.gif

Music style isn't set in stone yet. I listen to (almost) all kinds of music, so I don't want to limit myself to one genre.
While I'm no expert on music genres, what I like is roughly:
- Metal ("old school metal" mostly, but also some more modern stuff. Don't like shouting/grunting)
- Rock
- Pop
- Country
- Bluegrass

Just for completeness, I also like some electronic music you can't play with guitars, like house, trance, industrial.

Now to get started, I'm browsing the beginner lessons, learning the "Jumping around - beginner" at the moment.
If someone knows a good song to learn around this level (marked 2), please let me know. The problem with tabs from various sources is that I always reach a point I can't play (too slow or can't fret correctly), so I'd appreciate a song I can play to the end. Electric or acoustic guitar is both fine.

So long
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