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18 Mar 2009
Anyone here have any special plans for Spring Break? I had a couple different plans I was considering -one involving Mexico until we decided to cancel on that one after the recent drug wars and kidnappings of American citizens- and have settled on heading to the big island in Hawaii for some hiking, diving, and whatever else presents itself. Will be very nice to relax after this hectic week of finals, even though the whole process starts itself over again at the end of the break. But that's life.
16 Mar 2009
Anyone pick this up yet? I picked it up yesterday for the PS3 but haven't loaded it up yet because it's finals week and just about the worst time I could've chosen to purchase it. The demo was pretty sweet, though, and the co-op gameplay is a nice new addition to the series.
16 Mar 2009
Hey, guys. Just signed up for 3 months and will extend if the payment proves to have been for a good reason. I can play some very, very, very easy and basic stuff (e.g. Nirvana, Green Day) and do some soloing with basic hammer-ons and pull-offs, but my playing still sounds pretty sloppy and I don't know a damn THING about theory.

If you have any recommendations to offer me for particular lessons on the site, feel free and it would be appreciated. I have no idea what a D7 chord means, or what the circle of fifths is, or any of the other stuff a lot of the lessons talk about that I've browsed through. I have the major and minor scale shapes memorized up and down the fretboard, but have yet to be able to instantly know which fret on which string is which note. I don't know how to take a chord progression and solo over it effectively other than by playing random notes within a scale, and am trying to figure that out. At the same time, I have a lot of technique to hone, so, for now, am starting with the "Finger Independence" lesson series.

Anyways, that's a bit of information about me. I'd love to be able to shred, be able to improvise and have it actually sound good, and be able to figure out and play the melodies and harmonies that I hear in my head when composing in that manner. I've got a hell of a long way to go before having any appreciable level of skill, but will, nonetheless, walk in that direction and take the different challenges as they come at me.

Particular styles I love to listen to and would like to be able to play would be: progressive metal (death, black, etc.), different forms of extreme metal, alternative rock, grunge, shoegaze, and things of the sort.
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