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2 Mar 2014
Hey Guys,

Long time!! I haven't recorded anything for nearly a year wow!! But I haven't left practicing guitar just yet. biggrin.gif So, for last couple of months, I was trying to learn this awesome improvisation solo by Rick Graham by ear and while its not yet perfect, I wanted to record and move on. Hope you guys like it. Any feedback is welcome.

23 Jun 2013
Original lesson: Hand Synch II by Ben Higgins

Hopefully I got it right this time. Thanks for your feedback as always. :)

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
18 Jun 2013
To all pros,

I am trying some home recording and I have tried my best to mix the song. While I have recorded all the audio within the 0db level, all the combination is throwing some really high RED zone (over 0db) in the master track. How do we go about solving this? I don't seem to get the clipping sound but I better keep it below 0. I have tried to go through each track and automate the volume (lower) on that particular area but its becoming tedious. Plus, the whole song sounds so low in volume now.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I will also post the song and perhaps get some feedback about the mixing once this is fixed.

9 Jun 2013
Original lesson: Hand Synch II by Ben Higgins

Just another step on mastering alternate and inside picking. Thanks Ben. :)

8 Jun 2013
I am practicing one lesson that involves inside picking and I have been really struggling. I have probably practiced that for a month now or even more but everytime I play, its not clean. I have sat down again and again trying to analyze and I play slow and it sounds clean. The moment I play on tempo, its the same old story. So, for a few days, I got busy recording my music and what not and completely didn't touch the guitar for probably 2 days. Last night, my baby woke up at 2am and I had nothing to do. So, I sat down, grabbed the guitar and played slow without my funky right hand technique, trying to mimic what I see. I practiced quite a bit and my hand started to ache (it never happened). Then, I got tired and probably half a sleep but my fingers were still moving, slow and steady. Then I slept.

Woke up in the morning and played the lick. Suddenly, it felt my left hand moved faster and its much cleaner! Don't know what happened but this is the EUREKA moment. I have had this before but this one is so totally different.

I am sure you have had the same experiences.. Would love to hear yours? smile.gif
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Thank you so much Daniel. :)
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Daniel Realpe
Hey dude, really nice attitude vid! I'm pleasantly impressed!
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Sensible Jones
Happy Birthday mate!!!!
1 Apr 2011 - 17:41
Thanks for posting that thread for me on my birthday! ;) I really appreciate it!
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Thank you so much Robert. You can't imagine how much I had to practice and how many takes I tried to shot. :) But yea, practice is all what you need.
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