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15 Nov 2009
Ive tried studying Law and PPH (philiosophy politics history) at university

The latter one was a brief stint quite recantly, didnt take me long to come to a conclusion that the course wasnt really for me

Law i studied and walked away after two years with a two year diploma, 1 year short of llb degree

That was some time ago and the reasons i left that course are various, but one of the main reasons was the fact that i didnt really enjoy it despite achieving above average grades.

In the last calendar year i have only worked 2 out of 10 months and in my spare time i have done not much constructive to aid my career prospects. In my parents eyes at least...

Its about time i chose something to do basically...

So thats some background.

My dilemma is, my parents have offered to pay for me to go a place like guitar x to study....

I would need to do a diploma first (1 year) before being able to enrol to the bmus music course (3 years)

Its expensive. £6k nearly a year....

But its something i love

I probably should have gone with my instincts all that time ago when i enroled onto Law but i didnt, and i kinda regret that now - hence i find myself in this position, unemployed - and unqualified!!

I know a bunch of likeminded people will ease my worries just by a few simple posts so i welcome your own stories if you can relate to mine.

I think im gonna do it tho! lol

15 Nov 2009

I started of playing guitar without much prior reading. Consequently i decided it would be wise to read up on techniques i would be employing.

Wikipedia's explaination of alternate picking states that when doing alternate picking it should be a strict up/down pattern

Now i been getting to grips with that and advancing quite well etc...

One tune that i always wanted to play well was Crossroads by Clapton, i practice this song using a tab and alternate picking...

I came across this youtube link where the guy (later part of vid) goes through the picking hand to show his strum patterns.

Why is it that this tune is done mostyl with downstrokes?

Is there a particular time to use alternate picking? Whats the deal, can anybody enlighten me please


15 Jul 2009
Anybody else going?

Its only £25 standing tickets - i think great value for money - it should be real good in a small venue like the Jazz Cafe.

I am having problems booking this because i lost my DAMN debit card yesterday. And i cannot book with parents card because they would need to be there to collect the tickets with their card. No way am i taking my mother to this gig biggrin.gif

I hope to sort something out soon on this as i reaaaaaally want to be there!

8 Jul 2009

I recently bought a POD Studio GX and have been amazed by the power of this lil thing

I assumed (wrongly as pointed out by Pedja) that in order to get sound i must use the Line out jack at the back to get sound through my PC speakers.

This works fine but it means i cannot listen to my pc (backing tracks, metranome, gmc lessons) whilst playing on my POD

If it is possible to do this via USB output could some1 give me some tips how to set this up please?

I guess im being lazy - sorry - i just dont have much spare time on my hands right now to figure it out myself

Many thanks in advance

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