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10 Jun 2009
Hello Ivan,

I Arun, am a student from Asia.

Lately, I have been playing simple solos and riffs of music composed by bands like Led Zepplin (like Stairway to heaven) which are primarily blues based (in a way that they exhaustively make use of the pentatonic and blues scales) . Based on this, I had assumed that my playing fell under the intermediate level. In an attempt to gain some control and the feel of the blues I started practicing the 'Blues soloing intermediate lesson' posted by you.

In the lesson, I'm facing some difficulties in the following areas:

1) First of, I am not able to gain enough sustain between the notes, so the basic feel you produce while playing the licks is lost. By the way, I don't use a delay. Do you use one? Do you think I should use one?

2) Secondly, while playing licks which contain grouped notes, for example in the very first lick of that lesson, I tend to lose control of the lick immediately after I play those grouped notes. By grouped notes, I mean notes on different strings played together and sometimes bent together.

As I don't have a video camera, I'm unable to post a video of my playing. However, I could upload an audio file of the licks I'm facing difficulty in, if you feel that my query is not clear enough.

Thanks for your time,

8 Jun 2009
Hey guys,

I'm new to the GMC community and would like to introduce my self.

I'm Arun from Asia. I started out as a western classical pianist and lately, I've been playing the guitar as well. Currently, I own a Yamaha C-40 classical guitar and an ESP EC-100 QM electric guitar.

As far as musical genres go, I enjoy the blues and also neo-classical(the yngwie stuff) and melodic metal (like COB and Dimmu Borgir). I am looking forward to an enjoyable experience here at GMC.

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