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26 Aug 2009
Some weeks ago I tuned my guitar to Eb to play a Marcus Lavendell lesson and since then I have been playing in Eb and I got really happy cuz its easier to do bends and vibrato. I even feel like I have a bit more sustain and maybe a bit more dirty sound as well, but I dont know the science about it, is just a feel.

But I started playing a song with rythm guitar, bass and drums in midi as backing track on guitar pro. That all sounded horrible, out of tune, and I thougth I would have to tune back to E my guitar. And I think it could be a problem to get used to play in Eb if when I go to play with someone else I will sound out of tune because usally other guitarrists will be tuned in E.

So finally I changued strings (needed to do since some months ago) and tuned in E. That was yesterday, and today my fingers hurts badly because of doing bends. I hate it. Really, its a pain to be able to play one day and the next you wont be able to play because your finger hurts.

I loved the Eb tuning sad.gif I always try to bend and do vibrato with at least two fingers and so on. And to be precise, is always the same problem, a pain in the index finger between the nail and the finger. The other 9 fingers feels fine smile.gif

Any idea? unsure.gif
14 Jun 2009
Hi everybody,

The last christmas, I got a Yamaha starter kit wich included a Strato copy called "EG 012" and a little 15W Yamaha Amp. This pack (200 €) seemed enough because I didnt know if playing guitar was something for me. Half a year later, my amp doesnt inspire me really... it sounds dirty, poor, boring... probably because I love to play with max gain and treble

Sometimes I hire with my friends a small studio with big marshalls, vox, etc. I just plug my cheapy guitar on them and its like "Wooahaa!". Extremely cool tone compared with the one I get in my house.

Im just a student, so I cant spend 1000$ on a good amp rigth now, and I was thinking about buying a Pocket POD or a POD XT. I also like the idea of "testing" a lot of differents amps and effects so I can get an idea of what I wanna buy in the future. I could plug the POD to my crappy amp (clean channel), or to my 5.1 PC speakers system. I could donwload some instructor's tones here and carry on the POD to the studio with my favourite customized tones! And record some songs would be great too.

There is something else (300 € max) I could do to get an inspiring tone in my house?
Its the POD something that suits to my gear and to my skill? (What the hell is a flanger or chorus? lol... I always love to learn that kind of stuff anyway)

Im a bit lost, any help is aprecciated.
12 Jun 2009
Hi everybody, my name is Mario and Im from Madrid (Spain). I am 22 years (since last sunday tongue.gif ) and I have been playing electric guitar for 7 months aproximately. Im a bit scared because I didnt start playing 10 years ago, but Ill do my best to improve. I also like to destroy blocks with my head while jumping with my brother Luigi, and getting inside green tubes... well, not me really, just kidding laugh.gif

I like metal, hard rock, punk rock and blues mainly.

There are so many good lessons here and Im enthusiasted about finally being part of the community. I never took a guitar class or played a classical guitar before, but with GMC forums and free videos help I learned about scales, basic tapping, pinched harmonics... its something I could never have done on my own. Thats why I join GMC, to keep improving my skill, because Im really begginer still.

I also had the opportunity to play along with my more experienced friends since the first month on a band. We call it "Monkey Feeling" biggrin.gif Its really a blast to play with friends. And Im already telling them about how great GMC is.

Thats all, see you around cool.gif
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