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11 Sep 2009
Last night I dreamed of music again, what's more I remembered one sentence of a song when I woke up.

I thought I might ask GMC:ers about that their own experience !

For me it occurs in 2 different ways
In rare occasion, like last night, while waking up. I remember one morning dreaming of the 'X-File' tv show music theme being a bit boring, and so dreamed of a wildly derived music.

Last night there was some 'images' too, I was swimming in what seemed to be a river filled with floating garbage in some town(???)
The song was a kind of memorial song for somebody close in my family, but thanks god that person is still alive .

Yet now I don't remember the music, I think I got it in my head this morning.

The second kind is when I am half way to sleep. This time the process is more controlled... I want to imagine music first. Soon enough its goes wild and uncontrolled.

Then come the frustrating part : I don't remember anything shortly after awoken sad.gif
When I take some instrument and try imagine some melody : nothing, so I wonder...
Is the music in my dream relay imaginated or do I think I ear music but it's just a mere illusion ?

Tell me of your experiences and thinking about that smile.gif
31 Jul 2009
Hello GMCers,

I'm from Paris, France.
I've been playing guitar since 15 years or so... but occasionally, with long breaks.
I'm still feeling a beginner : I can hardly learn lessons past level 4 here. I've be using the GMC free content since around a year now rolleyes.gif

I bet it was about time becoming serious biggrin.gif (and stop wandering around tongue.gif )

I have an accoustic and a Stratocaster, but I'm playing the electric mostly.
I use an iGtr module instead of an amp and I use earphone; I have a Peevey amp that I do not use : thing is I love to play late at night and I live in an apartment dry.gif

That's a pretty long post for me, now I hurry to my first lesson as a member biggrin.gif


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