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12 Aug 2010

I am Ezra, I am just letting you know I am back heavy into the guitar again.

Maybe one of you remember me from my aspiring instructor lessons.
I produced Shred 'n Roll and AC/VH 2 years back smile.gif

I've sold my Line6 pod xt and I now own a Digitech Whammy, Boss Distortion,Digitech Digital Delay and a Dunlop Wah.

I just recently finished a track called A New Beginning.
Buckethead fanatics may recognice one of the chord progressions.

I now work with Fruity Loops and Guitar Rig 4 and M-Audio Fast Track instead of Reaper.

So, basically I wanted to let some of you guys (whom I know of are still on this site since all those years
) know that I'm back on the site again.
It would be fun to speak to you again smile.gif

Btw, I must say the site has evolved in a positive way. Good job everyone wink.gif

Oh if you want to hear the track its right here:

Attached File  EzRaar___A_New_Beginning.mp3 ( 5.57MB ) Number of downloads: 451

See ya!
22 Dec 2007
Hey Folks, I'm back with some G-tar smile.gif

I came up with this last week and made a song of it a few days ago.
It's very experimental, dance, discoish, but it still ROCKS wink.gif

Song name description: 'Salad days' is used these days to refer to the days of carefree innocence and pleasure of our youth.'

Enjoy smile.gif
thanks for listening

grtz Ezra

Attached File(s)
Attached File  Salad_Days___Ezravdb_.mp3 ( 2.8MB ) Number of downloads: 594
22 Aug 2007
Hello GMC,

First I want to thank all the people who checked out my previous lesson, I can't believe it has almost 5000 views. And thanks Kris for putting my lesson on the front page, it was an great honor.
And thanks for all the nice comments.


Welcome to my second lesson as an Aspiring Instructor!

This lesson is built on a riff with lots of power chords and some harmonics.
The riff has a AC/DC and Van Halen vibe to it to me and I really wanna head bang to it when I hear it smile.gif
( I didn't in the Main Video of course!)

The lesson starts with an "Intro Riff" and when the drums, bass and rhythm guitar kick in the Main Riff starts.
For the drums a made a standard Rock Beat, I find that it really suits this riff.
The bass guitar and rhythm guitar play about the same, except for that the bass guitar plays some octaves on the G chord.

The lesson is not specifically in any style (except for the riff) but there are some licks who are reminiscent of a few players.

The lesson contains string skipping, double stops, open string licks, pentatonic runs and funky octaves.

The music is on full speed at 140 BPM, the time signature is 4/4 and the key is Am.

Scale Charts:

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Here we go!

(don't forget to bang your head from 0:16 till 1:14 hehe)

Attached File  AC_VH___Ezravdb.wmv ( 9.86MB ) Number of downloads: 1481

Slow Videos:

[b]The Main Riff

Attached File  Video_1_Main_Riff.wmv ( 7.7MB ) Number of downloads: 1196








This riff is inspired by AC/DC and Van Halen.
As you can hear most of the riff is played with power chords.
I also play a quarter bend on the seventh which creates a cool sound because it leans towards the tonic.
There are also some natural harmonics like Eddie Van Halen does in his riffs.
At the end of the Main Riff I play 4 harmonics, these are actually 2 G notes in 2 different octaves.
When the Backing kicks in I scrape my pick against the strings.

Play it like you mean it !! smile.gif

Lick 1
Attached File  Video_2_Lick_1.wmv ( 1.74MB ) Number of downloads: 723


This lick is the melody and this groove will come back later in this lesson.
This melody has to flow, play it with legato.

Lick 2
Attached File  Video_3_Lick_2.wmv ( 3.2MB ) Number of downloads: 796


This is a Paul Gilbert type of Pentatonic (speed) Run, but this one is in 16th notes and not 16th triplets.
It ends on an Artificial Harmonic.
The Artificial Harmonic note I play here is the same note as you hold with your fretting hand but 2 octaves higher.
(Pavel has an excellent lesson on Harmonics check it out)
(also see the video for little demo)

Lick 3
Attached File  Video_4_Lick_3.wmv ( 4MB ) Number of downloads: 905



This lick is a bit longer.
The lick holds the groove of lick 1 but with different notes.
I end with 2 G Major Triads end a bend.

Lick 4
Attached File  Video_5_Lick_4.wmv ( 4.64MB ) Number of downloads: 611





This lick is groovy!!!
This is an open string lick ala Joe Satriani.
I play the A minor Blues Pentatonic scale on the A string.
I go till the end of the fretboard and land on the note G.
Alternate picking all the way wink.gif

Lick 5
Attached File  Video_6_Lick_5.wmv ( 4.19MB ) Number of downloads: 626


Here I play a melody with double stops.
Pay attention to barring your ring finger on the G and B string.

Lick 6
Attached File  Video_7_Lick_6.wmv ( 2.53MB ) Number of downloads: 574


This is the continuation of Lick 5 and this also is played with double stops.
When I play/hear this I have to think of Gustavo Guerra!

Pay really attention to barring your ring finger on the G and B string by this one.
Find the right spot on your ring finger where both strings are fretted.
You also want to bend your thumb over the neck so you can really grab the strings with your index and ring fingers.

Lick 7
Attached File  Video_8_Lick_7.wmv ( 3.66MB ) Number of downloads: 559


This lick is played with Octaves.
The second half of the lick is one Octave higher than the beginning part.

The lick holds the groove of Lick 1 and I pluck the Octave with my ring finger.
Picking all the notes will do the job too.

Pay attention to the slides in this one.
The rhythm of this lick comes from the slides.

Lick 8
Attached File  Video_9_Lick_8.wmv ( 2.97MB ) Number of downloads: 631


This lick is funky!
The lick in played with string skipping and octaves.
The picking of this lick is kind of up to you.
You can alternate pick the whole thing but that can be hard with the string skips.
What you can also do is down strokes on the E string and alternate pick on the D and G string.
I don't really think when I play this lick.
My picking is kinda random on this lick, sorry.

Lick 9
Attached File  Video_10_Lick_9.wmv ( 3MB ) Number of downloads: 564



Practice trills with your pinky and ring finger and you're going to nail this lick in no time.
Pentatonic, nice way to end your playing.


That was the last lick!! smile.gif
I hope you enjoyed it.

I want you to get comfortable with octaves, string skipping (both hybrid and alternate picking) and double
With the fast octave string skip technique you can create groovy licks but you can also use it as a note in the base.

The important thing to pay attention to with double stops is that you have to bar the strings really good.
It can be hard to bar with your ring finger on the G and B string (that was the first problem I encountered with this)
but with experimenting you will find the right place on your fingers.

I hope you will get some cool new ideas from this lesson and inspiration.

Have fun and Good Luck practicing!

Have questions? Ask me!! smile.gif

regards, Ezra (vdB)

Backing Tracks:

Attached File  Van_Halen_100_BPM.mp3 ( 1.58MB ) Number of downloads: 577

Attached File  Van_Halen__140_BPM.mp3 ( 1.13MB ) Number of downloads: 658

Attached File  AC_VH___Ezravdb.l6t ( 2.08K ) Number of downloads: 444

Attached File  AC_VH___Ezravdb.gp5 ( 11.38K ) Number of downloads: 440

PS: Practice!


I also added this for you:

Tablature Legend
L - tied note
x - dead note
g - grace note
(n) - ghost note
> - accentuded note
NH - natural harmonic
AH - artificial harmonic
TH - tapped harmonic
SH - semi harmonic
PH - pitch harmonic
h - hammer on
p - pull off
b - bend
br - bendRelease
pb - preBend
pbr - preBendRelease
brb - bendReleaseBend
\n/ - tremolo bar dip
\n - tremolo bar dive
-/n - tremolo bar Release up
/n\ - tremolo bar inverted dip
/n - tremolo bar return
-\n - tremolo bar Release down
S - shift slide
s - legato slide
/ - slide into from below or out of upwards
\ - slide into from above or out of downwards
~ - vibrato
W - wide vibrato
tr - trill
TP - tremolo picking
T - tapping
S - slap
P - pop
< - fade in
^ - brush up
v - brush down
14 Aug 2007
Hello GMC,

Welcome to my first lesson called "Shred 'N Roll" on the Aspiring Instructors Board.
I think you probably have seen me around before but I'll introduce myself anyways wink.gif


Attached Image

My name is Ezra van den Bosch and I live in Holland.
I'm 15 years old and I've got 3 years left to do on school.
I play the electric guitar from my 14th birthday and I love it.
December 9th I'm going to turn 16.
When I'm not practicing I'm either doing schoolwork or skating/having fun with friends.

My favorite guitarists are Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen I especially
like Joe Satriani because of his awesome songwriting skills.

I like playing Classic to Progressive Rock, Metal and Country/Blues styles plus I find shredding fun to do.
The bands I like most are Van Halen, Guns 'N Roses and Rage Against The Machine.

Soon I'm going to record a demo with my personal teacher and I'm going to look for a band to join near my hometown.

I hope to be able to teach you lots of stuff on GMC smile.gif


My guitar is an Ibanez RG Prestige with active EMG's and a floating tremolo system.
(with a whammy bar from a Stratocaster )
I use 1 huge guitar pedal which is the Line6 POD XT Live and I plug that into my computer.


This lesson is in the style of Paul Gilbert (which is in high demand) and Stevie Ray Vaughn.
The 2 guitar players mixed together is what I call Blues Shred, which is really fun to play.
Paul Gilbert is popular in the Shred Scene and played in Racer X, Mr. Big and plays solo nowadays.
SRV played in Double Trouble did unbelievable great blues work, and now rests in peace.
Check out SRV's awesome song "Scuttle Buttin'"!!
You'll find some of the licks I used.

The Lesson starts out with a Rage Against The Machine influenced riff in E minor pentatonic with the added blues note (b5).
Then the Bass Guitar and Drums kick in.
The Bass Guitar mainly just plays the same riff as the Rhythm Guitar.
The Drums go with the groove of the Main Riff.

The solo contains some double stops, crazy bends, crazy legato,
flashy 16th triplets runs and some bluesy licks.

The piece is at 100 BPM on full speed.
The time signature is 4/4.

Let's Start!!

Attached File  Shred___N_Roll___Ezravdb___GMC.wmv ( 6.73MB ) Number of downloads: 4021

Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image

Video 1 The Main Riff
Attached File  Video_1_Main_Riff.wmv ( 4.06MB ) Number of downloads: 3509



The Main Riff is inspired by RATM which is one of my favourite bands.
I slide with my ringfinger to the 7th fret.
The Blues note makes this riff sound extra cool.

Video 2 Lick 1 SRV
Attached File  Video_2_Lick_1.wmv ( 4.35MB ) Number of downloads: 1593


This lick starts with a little grace note on the 2nd fret on the D string which is the root note of the piece.
A grace note is a note which is played really really short and is written on sheet paper really small.(see guitar pro)
The note after the grace note (2nd fret g string) is played with the same finger as the grace note which is the ringfinger.
This Lick is very SRV-ish, check the song Scuttle Buttin' and you'll notice.

Video 3 Lick 2 SRV
Attached File  Video_3_Lick_2.wmv ( 3.02MB ) Number of downloads: 1228


This lick is also in SRV style.
The double stops on the 14th frets are played with the ringfinger, it's with pinky AND ringfinger possible too.
However pulling off is a little bit harder.
The legato lick down the neck can be played with more/other fingers but I prefer just using my ringfinger because I'm used to it wink.gif

Video 4 Lick 3 Paul Gilbert
Attached File  Video_4_Lick_3.wmv ( 3.34MB ) Number of downloads: 1293


All 16th notes.
Just a cool way to go up the scale in Gilbert style.

Video 5 Lick 4 Paul Gilbert
Attached File  Video_5_Lick_4.wmv ( 3.57MB ) Number of downloads: 1174


This crazy lick is hot, it's all in 16th note triplets. It's a segment of Paul's hardest lick he ever recorded.
The notes are taken from the pentatonic scale but are played like a regular minor scale.
Because it's pentatonic, the notes are far apart and there are huge stretches,
so start really slowly!! The first 3 notes of every pair of 6 notes are hammerons.

Video 6 Lick 5 SRV-ish
Attached File  Video_6_Lick_5_.wmv ( 2.65MB ) Number of downloads: 834


This lick looks a bit like Lick 2.
We begin with an octave skip and than double stops.

Video 7 Lick 6 SRV-ish
Attached File  Video_7_Lick_6.wmv ( 2.82MB ) Number of downloads: 774


It's all 16th notes.
SRV uses these double stops in the solo "Scuttle Buttin".
Experiment with playing 2 notes at the same time in pentatonic scale but als minor scales smile.gif
For the dead notes don't forget to lightly touch the strings AND palm mute a little bit.
The palm muting makes sure you won't hear any natural harmonics!

Video 8 Lick 7 Paul Gilbert
Attached File  Video_8_Lick_7.wmv ( 4.02MB ) Number of downloads: 892


This lick involves a bend which you don't see often.
You start with doing a full bend on the E string with your ringfinger and when you hear the aimed note you
let the E string slip and stop the string from ringing with your right hands finger (or palm).
Put your ringfinger on the string below, the B string, and act as if it's a prebend.
Look carefully at the video!!
Practice this part really good because this technique gives a refreshing sound instead of just a normal bend.
(don't overdo it ofcourse!)
The rest of the lick is pretty straight forward.

Video 9 Lick 8 Paul Gilbert
Attached File  Video_9_Lick_8.wmv ( 2.61MB ) Number of downloads: 972


This lick is a segment of the descending part of Paul's terrifying lick biggrin.gif
The Picking is the same as Lick 4.
Start slowly!

Video 10 Lick 9 SRV-ish (Jimi Hendrix!)
Attached File  Video_10_Lick_9.wmv ( 1.42MB ) Number of downloads: 842


This chord is a Em7.
SRV is familiar with this shape, it sounds really cool.
SRV likes to play a major 3th on the 6 fret of the D string which is called a E7#9 whre #9 stands for minor 3th 1 octave higher.
That chord has a "jazzy" sound.
But this piece is in minor so I played a Em7.
Make sure to let the notes ring but not too loud because it will sound a lil' bit messy, so palm muting a little bit with your right hand would be great.

Video 11 Lick 10 SRV-ish
Attached File  Video_11_Lick_10.wmv ( 1.89MB ) Number of downloads: 647


This lick is a variation of Lick 2.
It's played almost the same.

Video 12 Lick 11 Paul Gilbert
Attached File  Video_12_Lick_11.wmv ( 5.93MB ) Number of downloads: 827


This lick is played in groups of 7 notes (!).
It flows really nice. You don't have to worry a lot about the weird note length because it will go naturally.
If it doesn't work for you practice slowly with the metronome and make sure to accent the first note of every group really well!!
Practicing with Guitar Pro works great too!

This lick is a typical Paul Gilbert lick, especially because it involves string-skipping.
Paul Gilbert uses this technique a lot because sweeping doesn't work for him (he says).
The arpeggio I play here is an Em7.
I start on the minor third and then go all the way up the arpeggio and I even tap one note with me picking hand.
I only pick the first note on every string, the rest is hammer-ons and pull-offs.
Damp the strings which you don't play with the palm of your right hand, and the left hand fingers.
(Check Racer X - Scarified out for more from this kind of licks)

Video 13 Lick 12 Random Double Stop Blues lick
Attached File  Video_13_Lick_12.wmv ( 2.61MB ) Number of downloads: 747


This lick consists of 4 double stops going up the neck with the power chords.
We end this piece on the root: an Em power chord.

That was the last lick!

I want you to really practice the 16th notes patterns en 16th note triplets patterns (on a beat)
because these are very common in Paul Gilbert's playing.
Also spend lots of time with the double stops and fast bends because SRV uses them a lot.
And don't forget to play around with the backing tracks wink.gif

I think that wraps it up for this lesson.
One tip before you go:
If you practice with the 60 BPM Backing Track don't forget to tap your foot because you can easily lose the rhythm and come in to late or too early when the drums kick in wink.gif

I hope you liked this lesson, because I did my very best and it was hard work for me.(first timer)
Do you Have questions? Feel free to ask me!


I've included a Guitar Pro 4 file of the Lesson so everybody can view it.
(The extension is .gp5 because I couldn't upload it as .gp4)
There's free software out there which can view these files smile.gif

Attached File  GMC___Shred___N_Roll____Ezravd_2.gp5 ( 8.77K ) Number of downloads: 612

Backing Track is sequenced with REAPER.
The camera I used is a Sony DCR HC90E.
I used Toontrack's EZDrummer for the Drums, and 4Front for the Bass.
Everything is composed in Guitar Pro.

Backing Track 60 BPM:
Attached File  Shred___N_Roll_Backing_Track_60_BPM_Ezravdb.mp3 ( 1.31MB ) Number of downloads: 667

Backing Track 100 BPM:
Attached File  Shred___N_Roll_Backing_Track_100_BPM_Ezravdb.mp3 ( 827.06K ) Number of downloads: 699

Now with extra click.

If you have a Line6 Pod XT you can now use my tone:

Attached File  Shred___N_Roll___Ezravdb___TONE.l6t ( 2.09K ) Number of downloads: 504

I see ya in the Forums.

Greets and Good Luck,


PS: Constructive Feedback is very welcome smile.gif
23 Jul 2007
Hay GMC,

I saw a advert on a dutch marketplace on the internet about a Joe Satriani guitar pick.
The owner of the pick said he catched it when JS threw it at the crowd after Surfing With The Alien.

Now is my question:
How much would you give for a guitar pick of JS, while you aren't SURE it was from his concert?
Because you can buy his picks on the internet too.

I said to the owner of the pick I wanted it to buy it from him for 7,50 euros,
but now I'm hesitating (doubing?) to buy it and instead buy a 10 pack for 7 dollars.... LOL!

Wish ya Happy Voting biggrin.gif

see ya laters
- Ezra
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