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9 Oct 2018
I've been feeling a need to get out of my comfort zone, not just guitar-related, so I signed up for an introductory in-person lesson at a place I've been eyeing for a while. I kind of need something fresh from life's daily routine and could use a boost in my playing. Any tips or things I should ask/be prepared for? I'm not entirely sure what to expect or how to communicate what I want, except "get better". The first lesson is next Tuesday, and if I decide to continue, are 30 mins long weekly. Will this help?
10 Sep 2018
This seems to be the latest product getting astroturfed across the popular Youtube channels. I'm always interested in new types of amps, which use new technology and add cool modern features. This has to be the worst ad push I've seen in a long time though. The core of this amp is the "Spirit technology" In every video I've seen on it (even H&K's own content) they give zero details about what this actually does and mention that it's a totally secret PCB which is encased in epoxy inside the amp. I can't see why anyone would considering buying this at $799. I don't see any reason to think it's anything more than a really nice solid state amp, there is no detail given at all. It may sound and feel great, but I can't believe they're asking people to just take their word for it. It's just a bunch of flowery ad copy nonsense.

See this video at 1:13 and 2:00
11 Aug 2018
Original lesson: Hard Rock Bending And Vibrato by Ivan Mihaljevic

I don't know how I found this lesson, but it's got a great style I want to emulate. I got this take in only three tries and while I stumble a hair at the end, I don't think I'll get a better complete take. I know I can hit the whole thing without the stress of the record light, so I think it's time for another lesson! Hope you guys agree :)

6 Aug 2018
This'll break Todd's Ibby loving heart, but I sold my silver RG570. I just always avoided playing it because of dealing with the trem. I also found a couple dead notes on it and it was just spending a lot of time sitting. I know I said I wasn't going to buy another guitar unless it was perfect, but this is reeeaally close. Fixed bridge, 25.5" scale, SD 59/JB pickups, classy looks and great fretwork. Bought in virtually brand new condition for $380 on Reverb. In person, the black pearl dot inlays are a bit hard to find, but that's the only negative I could find.

30 Mar 2018
I have a fret rocker like this one:

It is a blessing and a curse because I have used it to fix real problems, and due to my obsessive nature, to create my own problems too. I like cheap guitars I can fix and make play as well as expensive ones, but fret leveling is the final frontier. I was doing some budget shopping, found a cool RG, and started to think of all he tuning I could do to get a $300 guitar playing great including attempting to level the frets before I get too attached to it (in case I mess up). That lead me to checking my current guitars and finding (ever so) slightly high frets EVERYWHERE on guitars which play fine and I have been enjoying for years.

So my question is, when is worth leveling your frets? A Plek is going to improve most any guitar, so wouldn't a basic leveling by hand? From what I understand, low cost guitars only ever get the most basic fret work at all. At the same time, I found just as many "high" frets on my more expensive Japanese made RG70 as my Indonesian S671. So when is it a problem worth taking a file to or just learning to ignore/live with it?
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