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4 May 2012

I haven't used pedals for ages buy Im going getting back into using them and decided to put together a board.

I have lots of pedals I've collected over the years, some work some need repairing but going to get that done. I really need some advice regarding bypass loops etc

I also figure I need a power unit for the whole lot and a decent one at that. Voodoo Lab or something.

Right so down to the business.

1st thing I need an AB switch & B runs into the tuner - taking it out of loop.
So next up - what do I do with the bypass loop??
if I have 20pedals do I have to get a couple of bypass loops (20 worth) and then use them instead of the pedals and therefore running them in parallel not series.
Or do I have a bypass loop with 4/8 and then run series of 2-4 pedals within the loop and then operate the pedals within the loop and have some outside the bypass loop.
Or do I set up a sound a OD and delay and thats that sound so switch it on with the bypass loop and I keep them set...
hmm a little confused as you see.

Look forward to your input.

Pedals are:

Boss Tuner
Vox Wah
Ibanez Tube Screamer
EH Memory man
EH Qtron+
Line 6 delay
Rodger Mayer Voodoo Vibe
Rocktron BlackJack
Ernie Ball Volume pedal
Fuzz Face

Considering getting
EH Pog/Boss Octave
EH Holy grail
Small stone/phaser

26 Mar 2011
Watch this if you have a spare 3min
20 Mar 2011
Can anyone help me with some computer issues, I'm thinking about getting some software but I'm worried my laptop won't hack it. what do you think?

I have a Sony Vaio with 4 GB Ram and an AMD P320 dual core 2.1 processor.

I was thinking of getting:

1. Sibelius 6
2. Ez Drummer VST
3. Garritan Big Band 3 VST

I can up the RAM to 8gb

The other option is to get something like Cubase or Logic instead of Silbelius but I guess that will be harder on the esp if I want to record Audio...

here are the blurbs off the websites...

what else do I need... I'm rubbish at this!!

Sibelius system requirements.

Minimum requirements for Sibelius 6 alone Windows XP 32-bit SP2 or later, or Windows Vista 32-bit SP1 or later, 512MB+ RAM, 550MB hard disk space, DVD-ROM drive

Additional recommendations for using the included Sounds Essentials sound library
Windows: Intel Core Duo or AMD Turion or better, 1GB+ total physical RAM (2GB recommended),
3.5GB total hard disk space, ASIO-compatible soundcard

You can use the 'Sounds Essentials' if your computer doesn’t meet the recommended requirements,
but you may find that you cannot use as many sounds simultaneously.

Using external hardware MIDI playback devices with Sibelius 6
If you have an external hardware MIDI playback device that you wish to use,
please check that a compatible sound set is available.

EZ Drummer sysyem requirements

Windows XP SP3 or newer, Pentium 4 or Athlon processor with 512 MB RAM

Garritan Big Band 3 requires

Running Jazz & Big Band is dependent on the speed of your computer. The faster the processor, the better. The ARIA audio engine is designed to make use of the processing power of your computer's CPU. The powerful and complex algorithms of the ARIA Player work best on modern and fast CPUs. Please also observe the systems requirements of your host application.

* 2 GB of free hard disk space.
* DVD Drive.
* Windows XP, Core 2 Duo or better is recommended.
* Mac OS 10.4 or higher, Mac Intel is recommended.
* The ARIA Player needs a soundcard for playing the sounds of Jazz & Big Band. Standard DirectSound, MME or ASIO drivers required; Windows-compatible MIDI hardware if required.
* A MIDI interface is required if you are using a MIDI keyboard, another MIDI controller or an external sequencer. The MIDI interface integrated in many sound cards can also be used.
* To play and entire big band arrangement, we recommend 1 GB of RAM or more. There is a direct correlation between the number of instruments that can be loaded and the amount of available RAM. The more RAM available the better.
19 Mar 2011
When looking round a few wholesale sites I came across some replica guitars made in China...

Choose your axe... a PRS Custom 24, a Custom Les Paul, a Rickenbacker 330, a US Strat etc etc all for about £250 SHIPPED!!

Some look amazing!! Obviously fake...

Has anyone tried one? If so what where they like?
21 Sep 2010
Selling off some of my old gear on ebay and thinking about buying a new guitar with the profits...

Not to sure what to get am hoping to have between £1000-£1500.

So far I am looking at getting a

Warmoth tele kit. but made of pure rosewood, indian body and brazillian neck with god hardware.

A Ricky 330 or the 3/4 size Lennon one

A deep body Jazz, think Pedja had a nice yamaha one for about a grand.

could put it towards a gretsch white falcon or a gibby L5...

what do you guys think.

oh am selling my JCM800 lead series 100w head if anyone is interested
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