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26 Oct 2006
I signed up around a month ago but I never properly introduced myself -

I picked up guitar in my late 20's after college. .... played for around 3 years - I had a teacher and I never got very good but I learned enough pretty quick to start messing around with a 4 track recorder (tape) / jam with friends pretty regular- talk about but never start a band....... I moved, and the jams ended (still got a drum set, though)

I got into career, married , kids, mortgage the whole bit and I Put the guitar down for about 5 years ... then came New Years 2006 ... my resolution was to start playing again - so since January I've been practicing early in the morning, at lunch and in the eves ... weekends when I can but my girls are 6 and 3 and I don't want to miss anything with them at this age.

Guitar-wise I'm working on my weaknesses as a player - which for staters I identified as my ability to solo - that's what brought me to the site.... someone mentioned freelicks on the Fender discussion board and then I saw the masterclass.... Seems like before I was more on the creative side than the technical side of music... the recording and mixing and songwriting (if you could call it that)- now I'm focused on being a better player... I'm hooked and I don't think I'll ever put it down again...

Why music:

1. Rock music = cool and I love it
2. unlike athletic hobbies (soccer, basketball) music is something you improve at as you get older
3. It fills a void for me - it seems like a meaningful way to improve oneself rather than just be a spectator in life.

Thanks for puting the site together Kris - it is a big help.
16 Oct 2006
Anyone else overwhelmed sometimes?

I can't wait to watch the new lesson on arpeggios -
but I'm still trying to get the phrasing on the
Voodoo Chile solo I started a month ago...

..and speed on the Hot Blues licks
..I haven't dived into the country stuff ...
..Then there's tapping..(Started with the first lesson.)
..penta - shifting excercises...
..Satriani tips I saw on tv ...
..jam track CD w/'70's rockers that I practice soloing with ....
..I also play along with CD's - find the key/ the licks/ riff/solo a little...

It all takes time..

Then there's my accoustic guitar:
I was working thru a fingerstyle blues book
..a couple Neil Young songs
... watched 'Pick n Grin's lesson on embellishing chord changes (I gotta work on those... )

The solo lesson on Kirk Hammit and Slash.. Brian May solo ..
Books, tabs, solos, lessons, jamming, excersises, licks, runs and theory - I'm going crazy! ..

I know it's a journey, but man, I need help setting some goals and a productive practice schedule to get there - anyone else in the overwhelmed boat? Any advice?
11 Oct 2006
How can I get better phrasing when soloing...

All my licks seem the same .... I can't seem to build any tension and then release it... I hit the "correct" notes in the scale but I don't seem to be saying anything or going anywhere....

One day about two weeks ago it actaully felt like I was talking with the guitar for a few licks - I don't know where it came from - but it seems like I lost that break thru.... any ideas on phrasing practice out there?
7 Oct 2006
Hope I'm posting in the right area:

I'm new - I just have a couple questions:

1. How often are new 101 lessons offered?

2. Does the new lesson replace one that is available now - in other words
will I lose access to a lesson after a certain amount of time?

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