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19 Apr 2007
Hey guys,

I did see some posts regarding recording software but decided to make a new post because I'm not sure if others are in a similar situation.
My goal is to record my playing with some backing tracks. I have a Digitech RP350 which USED to connect to my PC before I got a new one with Windows Vista. All I get with the RP is 10 seconds of recording time. I have a strat that goes into the RP, then out to a Line6 15 watt amp.

Since it could be ages before Digitech comes out with new drivers, the question do i record?


26 Jan 2007
Hey rockers!

I have this problem of having small hands. And at 32, I'm pretty much done growing smile.gif

My pointer, middle, and ring finger seem to be doing ok however my pinky is just, well, short. After seeing Kris and tons of other videos it seems like their pinkies are almost as long as their pointer fingers. And it seems that their fingers are straight for the most part, just bending at the top knuckle when playing. My hands are not capable of this, not sure if that's natural ability or ridiculous dedication. On top of that, my pinky curves a bit inwards when its bent. Great genes mom and dad!!!

For things like barre chords or even playing scales, I find myself basically making a claw out of my left hand just to get my pinky inline with my other fingers. And that I'm sure is taking quite a bit away from my progression.

Is there anyone else in my position, or anyone who may have some tips?


21 Dec 2006
Hey Kris,

Regarding areas of your website such as Lick of the Day, I think it would be TOTALLY COOL to be able to hear your solo along with the backing to get an idea of how you put the two together.

I'm not an expert in Flash programming but I imagine you can just have 2 instances of a flash applet you maintain the site, or do you have some IT folks?

rock on

19 Dec 2006
Hey Kris,

I remember when i first signed up a couple of months ago I was able to download videos from the website as a wmv file.
Videos like the 4 Kirk Hammett vids, your Coincidence backing, etc. I thought that was great because when I was on the road traveling or didnt have a good internet connection I could still watch the videos. I think it would be cool to be able to build my own library of videos that I can hop around and view at any time, rather than waiting for videos to download.

It seems like that option is no longer available for any videos.

just a suggestion.


25 Oct 2006
Hey Kris,

I saw someone else posted this same type of question, but I didnt want to hijack his thread.
I am 32 and have been playing for a couple of months and have learned a decent amount I think. It is overwhelming how much material is around for guitarists to learn from. I said in my first posting under the "Introduce yourself" tab that I wanted to learn to play fast and fluid. I really have many interests and would love to be an overall good player, not just one aspect.
Where would you recommen starting, that is if I've given you enough information?

Last night I watched the Metronome video. But then I see a print out of a song sitting on my table and start to tinker with that. Maybe I have ADD, LOL.
Is it possible to progress in that way, or should I stick to one 'song' or 'method' and become proficient at it, then move on?

I'm just trying to grasp the whole picture here.


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