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29 Mar 2013
Over the past couple of months I've been experiencing some mild sensitivity to high pitched noises (dishes banging together and talking on the cell phone), which I've assumed has something to do with music. This became a little more intense after last Saturday's gig, and my hearing is just starting to return to normal now (five days later). I'm on vacation for a two weeks starting Sunday, and I'm going to give my ears a total break from amplified music. But I've also decided to try to start wearing earplugs. I got a good pair of custom fitted Etymotic musicians earplugs and I've started wearing them during personal practice (not yet with the band). I can see it's going to be a pretty tough transition -- everything sounds just a bit distant. Anybody out there have a similar experience. Anybody use earplugs or know somebody who has? What have you experienced/heard (no jokes, please). Thanks.
19 Mar 2013
Hi Guys. Does anyone have experience or heard second-hand about this amp? They are an American boutique company producing hand-wired amps. This one is 20 watts (tube/valve). Seems like a good classic rock amplifier, but wondering if it might be underpowered for a 200-250 person gig (wedding or dance in a typical hotel hall for that kind of event) - even if miced. Headroom is important for the kind of stuff we play. I've been told this starts to fuzz at about 10:00 and break up at 2:00. Right now I use a Blues Deluxe for this kind of venue (too much Fender treble for my taste) which I always mic and rarely have it up over 6. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
8 Mar 2013
One of the eminent instructors here wrote somewhere "you can't let the scale patterns control your playing; you have to control the scale pattern." I've been spending considerable practice time trying to do that -- rehearsing major and minor scale patterns, bursts of 4, triplets, including working on connections up and down the neck, and then taking time to improvise with these tones. But I am having trouble making all this sound like what I consider good music - or smoothly incorporating it into my improvisation at gigs. Is this a normal part of the learning process? One of those things you just have to give time and patience to to let develop and fall into place? Or are there practice techniques that can help with this? Learning diatonic and modal riffs, for example (like most of us did with pentatonic scales when we started out)? Thanks for your perspectives.
23 Feb 2013
Ben -- help me on vibrato technique -- especially w/ the index finger. Do you grab the string with the side of the index? How do you control pitch? Any exercises? Do you have lessons on this? Thanks. Tim
3 Feb 2013
We played a great dance gig on Friday night where the band seemed to be playing really well. Audience reaction was great. But in a newspaper story on the event the next day, someone commented: "the band, apart from the lead guitar, was together and in-sync." Of course, who is the lead guitar? You guessed it. That just killed me. I don't know who this person is, what they know about music, etc., etc.. But I have to confess it hurt my always fragile guitar ego -- got into my head. Anyway, it got me thinking: has something like this happened to any of you? What do you do with it? Perspectives appreciated. Thanks.
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