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6 Apr 2008
lol.. i just noticed Kris is member number 2.. so who is 1??? i demand you to show yourself!!
3 Apr 2008
Ok so before I used Elixer 9 gauge strings and they worked fine. Now that I have my fender deluxe strat should I switch back to 10s or even higher to get a fatter sound? Btw I just busted the heck out of my high E string, which is why I'm asking. Oh, and they were 3 days old!! This is the first string i've broken in 2 years!! Well i guess 2 years ago i didnt practice 4-7 hours a day and I had a life but still.. Should i switch? and what do you guys recommend?
31 Mar 2008
So i finally went and got my new guitar, Fender Deluxe player's strat. It plays nicely and looks amazing, only problem is the tremelo. I have never owned a guitar with a tremelo and I don't know much about them but what can I do to keep it from going out of tune? Also it makes kinda a pop sound when I use it. It sounds like its coming from the nut, is this why I always hear about people putting graphite or whatever on it? Also, will this help it stay in tune? Thanks!
24 Mar 2008
Well.. Hard Rock park, supposedly the worlds first rock and roll themepark is opening soon.. and guess what.. ITS IN MY BACKYARD!!!! Not really but it might as well.. 10 min drive from my apartment in bad traffic smile.gif!! man.. im excited it looks really freaking cool. The first two days it opens Moody blues and The Eagles are playing. If anyones going hit me up with a PM lol.

Oh, Btw its in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Opens on June 2nd.. heres the website Hard Rock park!

Did I mention they are going to have Led Zeppelin The Ride??? lol man im excited.
24 Mar 2008
Ok what I have now is a Special limited edtion custom tele.. or something like that yeah its a mouthful but basically its a korean made fender with two dimarzio humbuckers... I also have a Roland mini cube, a podxt live, and a 120W Rogue amp with two 12" speakers. I Just don't feel like Im getting a very good sound. I havnt had a chance to play other guitars much or through other amps but it just feels lacking. Its almost depressing to play.. lol.. Now lately I've been working my butt off and I got about 700 bucks. Im thinking about buying a new electric but I'm not sure what to do about my old one.. Should I sell it? I could also do with an acoustic guitar because I don't own one. If I got a new guitar what would you guys recommend? I've kinda been learning towards a Strat because I want have a versatile guitar. The specific model I have been looking at is the Fender deluxe player's strat. Most of the reviews seem to be good and its within my price range. I mostly play classic rock, blues, and sometimes some heavier stuff. Would this guitar be a good choice? Also what should I do about my amp? Should I sell it also and buy a new one with the remaining money? Or hsould I get an acoustic... man.. so many choices.. I know I'm the only one that can make the final decision but a little input from others would help alot. Also how much money do you think I could get for my current guitar.. I bought it from musicians friend for 500 but it dropped down to 400 a month later. Its still in really good shape besides my rewiring job on the jack.. and a few of the screws look a little rusted but that can be easily fixed.
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