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Lawyer, getting back into GMC and guitar playing after 10 years.
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31 Oct 2007
It finally arrived yesterday, and I went out to pick it up! I ordered the thing almost a year ago!!! hehe. Long wait, but well worth every single penny. It plays like a dream, stays in tune so well. I've been abusing it for about 24 hours, constant dive bombs and whammy harmonics, tuning is still perfect! Axe of the gods. Not to mention its physical beauty. tongue.gif.

Though the neck is not as fast as I had read it would be tongue.gif but its probably my hands, I refuse to play unless I wash my hands first, so makes em stick a lil to the neck/ fretboard. Gota respect the guitar aye?

I can play the guitar well, but I really have no idea on how to care for one, and I plan on making this one last for a while.. Wasnt cheap, and I had to work hard for it.. Plus, I am in love- it feels like a new marriage, sex on a nightly basis! heheehe...

So, my question is. How would I go about taking care of this guitar? My last guitar is now a wreck.. The bridge is destroyed, the rosewood fretboard is scratched and not very smooth at all, intonation is screwed and it just doesnt sound very good anymore.. Can't have that happen to the Jem aye!

I am afraid of having that black grime build up on the fretboard, because cleaning it will only scratch the vine of life inlays, and I want to keep the rosewood as smooth as possible. What about lengthening its life in general?? Wiping down after every session is wise, right? I went to the store today in search of a rag, but I could not find anything. Is an old T shirt alright, or a towel (dedicated for wiping down) ?

Finally, my biggest concern is weather/ humidity. I am currently living in Dubai for a few months, moved to visit my parents, and the weather outside is extremely hot and humid, so while inside the house in a room, we have the air conditioning turned on, and then off when we step out. Is this harmful to my instrument? Should I keep it inside its case when not being used? and should the a/c be on while its exposed/ being played?

I know that Andrew and Pavel own a Jem.. It really is as good as they say, I was inspired by both of you to finally buy it! Any tips biggrin.gif?
25 Aug 2007
I know this might sound a tad bit silly, but...

My bloody pinky wont stay down! It is always pointing awake from my other fingers, as if im holding it out straight (the pinky that is) and it really adds a lot of strain to my hand/ pinky in general... Tires me out real quick... I think it might be a bad case of muscle memory... I play with a lot of bends and vibrato, and that general gilmour style feel with a bit more intensity...

I am really trying to force it to stay down, and that adds even more strain because im almost clenching the pinky down.. and I need to use it at times too, so that is not helping much... What do I do? :/

I can use the pinky no doubt, for streches, etc, but it just aint as accurate as it should be... This might also be the solution to increase my speed a little more... Anyone encounter this problem before, or could suggest a solution?? Ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
26 Jan 2007
In some cases, I have learnt to neglect picking when I play legato. It's really hard to explain but.. I have developed this style from tying to learn Joe Satriani's music by ear.. Basically, when he plays those blues runs down the scale those runs contain lots of legato and I can mimic that exact same sound except for the fact that I dont pick those notes when playing down even though they sound very nice and clear. Now when I actually think about it and try to pick along with those notes, I realized that my left hand is much faster than my picking hand only in those certain cases. I can't keep up with the picking.

However.. my picking hand is much faster than my left hand when it comes to trying to shred:p my left hand can barely keep up :/...

How do I fix this problem guys??? (both, actually.. But mainly the legato prob.) It's really bothering me and I've been trying to work on it with no success.. Its like it grew on me after two years of doing it over and over:/.
23 Jan 2007
My current guitar (Greg bennett designed Samick Interceptor "IC4") 'superstrat' guitar looks as if its dying in my hands.. It does not want to stay in tune even though the trem is perfectly aligned, etc etc, the knobs and electronics are becoming a pain in the arse and my neck needs some serious polish and work and it just does not sound good to me anymore.. I have had it for 3 years now and I am getting sick of it soI need something new to keep me playing and practicing as this guitar is not doing that anymore SO...

I have decided to purchase an Ibanez JEM7v White- The guitar steve vai uses.. No im not buying this only because Vai is my all time favourite musician, but I for one love the way it looks and sounds (from listening to vai and other JEM players).. My question is... Is it a good guitar? Is it durable? Does anyone have experience with DiMarzio Evolution pickups? Does it sound good over all?

Lots of people say "Go for a high end Ibanez RG model! They are pretty much JEM's without steve vai's name on them" yeah well i dont care, it does not look as kool as a JEM and money is not a huge factor for me.

So what is your oppinion on the JEM7v WHite. Have you ever tried one?? Please let me know:).
25 Nov 2006
I just sat down to practice some and noticed that my left wrist feels rather strange as if its almost out of place. I was improvising along Jam Tracks from this site a couple hours ago before I slept, and my wrist seemed fine I think. Anyway, my joints aren't flexible at all, and Im wondering if there is anyway to fix this. or maintain / increase comfort while playing. I play sitting down.. Perhaps it might be a "sitting down while playing guitar" posture problem??

//Edit : I realized that when I solo on higher strings (d,g,b,e) my wrist feels almost fine, however when i curl it to reach the E and A strings it feels as if extra stress is pressured on my wrist bone (the bone sticking out on the left;P)

any ideas? Ive never encountered this problem before really, and thats probably because ive never sat down and tried to "practice" using proper methods before. help would be much appreciated smile.gif
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