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entry Jun 18 2008, 07:05 AM
Right so after learning Flight Of The Bumblebee, I felt confident enough to tackle more Extreme songs I always wanted to learn, so now I learned to play Suzi Wants Her All Day What?

Just still having some trouble with the sweep in the solo, I'm not that good at sweeping :X

I might upload a recording of it this weekend... stay tuned.

entry Jun 14 2008, 02:55 PM
So today I decided to try learning a solo I always wanted to learn, but last time that I tried to learn it, a year ago, I couldn't even touch it.

That solo is Flight Of The Wounded Bumblebee by Nuno Bittencourt, and it's only been one day and I can almost play it perfectly up to tempo! I'm really excited, it's probably the carziest and most impressive thing I learned to play, and really shows me how far Iv'e come in my guitar playing since I joined GMC.

I'll post a recording once I get more control of it smile.gif

entry May 28 2008, 06:43 PM
Iv'e been sturgling with some thoughts for the last year or so, and I think those are thoghts that preety much everyone experience at some point in their life, and that is what do you want to do with you'r life?

So after alot of thought, I have decided to go with, surprise surprise, music...

This hasn't been an easy decision, in today's world going with music is very risky, chances of making it big are poor, you might make a decent living, but there's no guarantees to that either, there's alot of competition and it's close to impossible to rise above the rest, but there's one thing, a very important thing that in the end tilted the scale for me.

And that is that music make me happy, and that is the most important thing in my opinion, IN MY OPINION if you spend you'r life doing something you don't enjoy(for example, being a doctor when you don't, with you'r full heart want to, sure you might make alot money but you will also spend most of you'r time in you'r clinic not leaving much spare time) you might as well kill youself, harsh I know but that's my view on things after thinking it through for about a year.

It really makes me irritated when I look around me and can see what can only be described as a "Lemming" behaviour, meaning that most people are brainwashed(again, my opinion) to think that their life should go in this order: School, Army in some countries, College/University, work till you'r retired, move to Florida if you live in the USA tongue.gif

The problem with this in my opinion is that there's ussually a small set of jobs that everyone say they want, I'm talking about Law, Medicine, Science, Machinery, Electricty, and a few others. those are all big names that will ussally require you to be a brainiac to learn in a high level Univerisity, and so we end up as "Lemmings".

Ok, so I could go on and on about this for ages, but I don't want to upset anyone so I will drop it at that, and conclude that I chose to go with music because this is as far as I know my greatest passion, it's one of the few things I know that can really make me smile, and I suggest that you all do the same, don't focus on how you will make alot of money, but instead focus on what will make you happy, what will make you enjoy life, what will leave you with as few regrets as possibles!

entry May 23 2008, 04:26 PM
..The poor thing, she was in tears as we all try to comfort her.

-30 minutes earlier-
Today was my show with that singer, her name is Yuval and she's just 16.
before the show we practiced our song and all was well, she had a bit of trouble remembering all the words so we decided to put the sheet music infront of her.

It's our turn to preform, we go on, I sit down, plug in my guitar, play the intro melody, and start strumming the chord progression as Yuval begins to sing.
All was going well, she sang the right notes and words through the 1st verse, but than came the 2nd verse and she forgot the verse, I kept playing hoping she is able to get back on track after messing up, and she did, halfway through the 2nd verse she got back and kept on singing in tune.

The 1st chorus went perfect, but after it she again forgot the words and I ended up going through the 3rd verse alone, but she did get back on the 2nd verse and from there it was smooth sailing.

Afterwards we sat, and unfourtantly we were sitting on two ends of the small hall.
I could see she was upset, holding back to not burst into tears, and I just wanted to go there and comfort her, but I couldn't in the middle of the other preformances.

So the show ended, and to add more to her pain, the rest of the singers sang perfectly, so as expected she bursts into tears, and her family, her vocal teacher and myself rush to comfort her.

Now it wasn't all that bad, because she showed a quality which is very important to every preformer, she showed that even after messing up she knows how to keep the show going, and every note she sang, was in perfect tune!

And so we parted, I helped clear all the equipment, and told her that she has nothing to worry about, it was her first show, and that next time we will have more time to work on the song/s and it will be much better, gave her a hug, and drove home.

entry May 22 2008, 04:54 PM
So I completly learnd the beginner lesson now, I will try to upload a take this weekend.
So the lesson wasn't so helpful to my picking dynamics as I was hoping because it's rather slow and bluesy, but it did however help me get more control of my fretting hand muting thanks to that little dead notes lick and I'm quite happy with how I can control my muting thanks to it. smile.gif

Now it's time to move on to the Intermidiate Lesson, I think that it's actually gonna be easier to learn than the beginner, because it doesn't any technicly tricky part for me, but it does have quite a bit of picking and I think it will be a good "warmup" before I tackle the Advanced lesson, which as you know Muris, it's INSANE!

entry May 18 2008, 02:28 PM
I serve in the Israeli army as some of you already know, I serve as a driver and today I got stuck in a garage for 4 hours(!) so I decided that it was the perfect time to read some of Andrew's theory lessons.

I started with Intervals Chords Triads & Harmonies, Part 1 - Degrees of the scale and I just couldn't stop.. I ended up spending 4 hours reading all the intremidiate and almost all of the advanced theory lessons Andrew has to offer, and man, those were probably the most beneficial 4 hours I spent in my life.

I finally understand what "Perfect", "Major", "Minor", etc. notes mean.
I finally know what the benefits of theCircle Of Fifths are.
I finally know what is the infamousCAGED System.
I now know what the Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales are all about.
And as a dessert I got a taste of some Exotic Scales.

I strongly recommend anyone getting stuck on a long wait, or a long bus ride, or just getting really bored on a family picnic, if you have a cellphone with internet capabilities, log on to GMC and read his lessons!

the reason I suggest you do it on one of those occasions is because theory lessons are alot to swallow and some of us just can't sit infront of the computer or even infront of a book for so long without falling asleep.

But if you're stuck in a dull moment, you will find that it's the perfect time to start reading, because you don't have anything better to do!

Thank you Andrew for all those wonderful lessons and I hope someday you'll get to writing the missing lessons as well! smile.gif

entry May 17 2008, 03:05 PM
I decided I should practice something that will improve my picking dynamics control, and I figured that the best thing for picking dynamics is probably jazz/fusion, so to begin with I chose to learn Muris's Fusion Jam seriese, starting at beginner level.

As an addition I'm gonna try learning it by ear, just to give my ear a bit of practice as well smile.gif

UPDATE 1: Ok so I spent some time on the lesson now, not as hard as I thought it will be but still like preety much any other lesson by Muris has a tricky part! and that is the part with the muting, I figured how to play it by ear(checked the tab to make sure I got it right) but now I just need to play it with a slow metronome beat to get the muting right smile.gif

entry May 15 2008, 01:55 PM
My Band Lineup:

Eli "Hornet" Presman - Rythm Guitar

Ilia "Musquito" Chulsky(me) - Lead Guitar & Bass(only for draft recordings and until we find a bassist)

Tom "The Kid" Rotem - Drums (temporary nickname wink.gif)

Jonathan "The Fly" - Additional instruments and sound editing guy.

"The Hornet" - The oldest in the bunch, going to turn 22 in two months, and is only 3 months from getting released from the army, he started playing guitar at quite a late age, 18, and right now he only owns a good quality acoustic guitar on which he put 011 strings, he's the main riff writer and is very inspired by his favourite band Opeth, creating mostly progressive riffs. He's nickname is "The Hornet" because he ussually play on the lower frets & strings and always wants the sound to be "More Bassy" smile.gif

"The Mousquito" - Well, That's me, so I'm not gonna talk about myself as most of you know me already, but as related to the band, I'm the odd ball because unlike the rest of the guys I don't really like progressive music all that much and am more attracted to mainstream music and virtous instrumentalists. I got nicknamed "The Mousquito" because I ussually play only lead stuff and solo's and ussually it's using higher notes and squeally bends and wierd uses of partial pinched harmonics.

"The Kid" - This temporary nickname was given to him because of his age, he's the youngest of the bunch and is only 16! but a telented drummer non the less, his also the latest addition to the band, and has only been in it for about 3 weeks now, and I actually used to be his and his groups Swimming Coach when he was 12 and I was 17!

"The Fly" - What can you say about Jonathan.. he's 19 and defintly the wierdest of us all, he was born with a rare desease which caused his middle and ring finger of his left hand to stop growing and remain baby sized, this created a very cool effect so he doesn't need to bend his fingers on his left hand to create the infamous "Devil Horns", also he is left handed and plays the guitar upside down!(instead of string order being EADGBE it's EBGDAE) he's not a very good soloist but can write decent riffs. he recently left to work in Ireland as a door-to-door Oil Paintings Salesman laugh.gif and should be back with us in about two months. he got Nicknamed "The Fly" because he never stops talking and buzzes in our ear, yeah not too original but it fits him perfectly!

Right now we only have one completley written song, and we are almost done recording it's draft, only lacking vocals and actual bass, and we are about 80% done with writing our second song, we plan on gigging locally in the 1 or 2 metal clubs availble as soon as Eli is released from the army(in 3 months) and buys himself a much needed electric guitar, until than I hope we manage to finish atleast 3 songs, so that we are atleast able to play a small gig warming up a bigger band smile.gif

entry May 15 2008, 10:21 AM
Hey guys and welcome to my Quest Log, here I will share with you all what I'm working on, and let you in my music world.

What am I up to these days

This is a very musicly active time for me, as my band is finally getting formed and we are developing our songs, not compenscanting on anything, which on one hand makes the song writing process very long(we worked about 3 months on our first song before even starting to record it, and still we sometimes change small thing till we think it's perfect), but on the other hand it guarantees that we are satisfied with our music and that is the most important thing in my opinion.

Also I'm gonna be preforming with a local singer, though not something big at all, it will only be for one song(an old Israeli blues song), but it's better than nothing wink.gif and I also joined a music students band as a bassist, this is a really nice project which is lead by a great Israeli guitarist who used to be my guitar teacher, basicly he will teach us how be a band, write songs, set up our sound, etc. (plus, I don't have to pay for it becuase there's a lack of bass players here and they were desperate biggrin.gif).

And probably the biggest thing I'll get to do is a gig in about a month or so with the band of a famous Israeli singer(the singer, Sarit Hadad, won't be there though) in which I will play some blues stuff and probably Until We Say Goodbye & Always With Me, Always With You by Satriani! I'm very excited about that!

So this is my current situation in a brief description, on my next update I'll let you in on what I'm practicing right now and some info on my band as well!


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