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My interests are of course guitar playing. Besides that I'm a Tottenham Hotspur fan through and through.
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10 Sep 2018
Somehow I've hit a vein of inspiration, and while I might be jumping ahead of myself here, I'm more and more thinking about writing an EP or album. Long may the inspiration continue! I've managed to write 3 songs within a week or so.

I wanted to share some of the pre-production sketches, just as in my thread about creating a new song. I'm gonna keep all that I write in here.
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Attached File  When_it_Rains.mp3 ( 10.45MB ) Number of downloads: 5
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7 Sep 2018
I already posted this in my thread with Gabriel, but I wanted to share this pre-recording work with all of you. It's in GP7, GP5 and GP7-mp3-export format.

I also wanted to share a bit about how I went about writing this:

Usually I sit down with the guitar, come up with a melody line or a rythm part, but this time I decided to work backwards a bit, and I came up with the rythm part in Guitar Pro. It makes it a bit tricky to learn, but it's not the most difficult rythm and it's only really 2 bars repeated with a different ending on the last bar. Melody writing was a mix of sitting with the guitar, thinking of melodies in my head, mostly hearing them in my head and trying to play and transcribe them. Having used this method and Guitar Pro for 15 years, it's quite easy for me to get things down quickly. Just through lots of experience with it.

Next step is of course recording, and it's a bit daunting, as it's one of my few guitar driven pieces.

Also, Kris, is it possible to allow for uploads of .gp format? It's the format of Guitar Pro 7.

I can highly recommend Guitar Pro 7. A lot of features were removed between 5 and 6, but they're all back now in 7 along with more nice features. The RSE sounds good/better to my ears (have a listen to the mp3 yourself). I never used RSE in GP5, as it simply sounded bad to me, but in GP7 I actually use it to emulate more of a real sound, as working directly with old school midi in GP5 sometimes gave a wrong indication of what things would sound like. Of course RSE is RSE and will not have the touch of a human player, but it's decent.

Attached File  When_it_Rains.gp5 ( 59.47K ) Number of downloads: 4

Attached File ( 115.85K ) Number of downloads: 4


Inspiration struck again, before I could even record the other song, I managed to come up with another one:
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3 Sep 2018
Just realized I had been saying half a year ago: "Coming up to 10 years at GMC!", and then I forgot all about it. It was June 14th!

10 years! Woah!
26 Aug 2018
I wanted to give a bit of an update on my life. Just a short quick message.

I've been struggling with sleep apnea for near 2 years now without really knowing what it was till the last handful of months. Should be getting a cpap machine soon, which will hopefully help. It's really, really draining not getting sleep, and having it go on for years is just...ARGH! It's come to the point where I have no energy at any point during the day, and picking up the guitar is just a struggle. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Can't wait till I get a good night's sleep again.

I've gained a lot of weight over the years while I've been getting some medication for mental health related stuff. I'm not saying it's solely down to the meds - I could have adjusted better, but it's again a struggle in itself, alongside what I mentioned above. Now I'm off the meds and have lost 5 kg within 3 weeks, so that's a start.

On the more unfortunate news, this weight gain has resulted in me just recently having been diagnosed with diabetes. It's not the end of the world, but it's a kick up the behind.

More than anything I just look forward to having energy to play guitar and do anything for more than 5 minutes before being about to fall asleep. Even playing games is near impossible.

I hope to be back and kicking for real soon!
5 Aug 2018
You all know I'm a fan of Dream Theater. I was just watching some videos, and though I've seen it before it just sums up what a singer James LaBrie was around 1992/1993:

What a performance by him!
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